Halloween Night

Robin Hood and Chief William

snow and carving time

The boys were out by 8:30 yesterday morning to play in the first snowstorm.

 A sculpture Landon and I created.  Titled: Country Dog and City Dog.   Inspired from our trip to the Museum last week.
 Then later in the afternoon we were carving pumpkins.

They are so excited for tonight and I don't even have  any goodies to give out yet. I guess we will be heading out to the store soon.  Yikes!

In The Kitchen this Week

New recipes. 

1. Homemade chicken soup to warm our colds.

2. Corn Fritters

Sunday Smiles

Note: This was taken earlier this week when it still was Fall and not the Winter that came yesterday to New England.

unbelievable but true....

SNOW! In October. And  a lot of it!

A great day to start our first fire, snuggle and watch a movie!

saturday soccer

It is hard to believe that the soccer season is almost winding down. It seems like it just started. This is William's third year playing already. It has been amazing to see the transformation from a cluster of bees following the ball to actual passing and some good teamwork.

He has been getting a lot more playing time this season and  it's a bigger field. At games end, he is a pretty tired boy.

Fairy Tale Birdhouses

Recently we went to one of our favorite Autumn activities. Every October the Florence Griswold Museum has local artist create sculptures all over their grounds. This years theme was Of Feathers and Fairy Tales: Enchanted Birdhouses.  There were over 44 birdhouse based on wonderful fairy tales. The boys had a great time studying the birdhouses and then trying to guess which fairy tale they were based on.  

I love our discussion as we look at all the birdhouses. The boys are appreciating the different styles of art. They are gaining an understanding of how every person interprets the same story differently.It is really pretty awesome.

Also on the grounds they always have some type of fun pretend play for kids.

We also took part in an art class where the kids were to create their own birdhouses.

My boys have snow on the brain.....

ski lodges

This is our third year going, I guess making it a tradition almost.  The grounds are so beautiful and peaceful. Easily one of my favorite days.

our dream playground

There is this playground that we get to only twice a year or so because of the distance from our house. But the boys absolutely love it!  Landon had been asking to go there for over a month, so when a beautiful day presented itself we took  a little road trip to enjoy the day. 

It is actually called Johnathan's Dream Playground. A playground that is built for all children. It was one of the first in the country but I know more and more of them are being built. They are now known as boundless playgrounds. 

I love it because of the huge construction tires that are used in the play structures.  The boys create obstacle courses and time themselves as they play.  Then there is hide and seek, adventures in the sandbox and on swings. It truly is a place you can spend endless hours.  I love just letting the boys have the freedom to wander and be.

   If you are ever in the Hartford area of CT you should plan to check it out.
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