sunday smiles


the games have begun

All Harkin really wanted for Christmas was his own axis and allies game. He used to borrow Lardons but then would have to pick it up every night before bed. Now he has his very own with some new updates and we found a great place for him to play it during this past week while Eric hasn't been working.  He's a very happy guy!!

January 1, 2022

How crazy that a new year has begun. The past six months I have not blogged at all and so much has happened. Half of the year missing. I will need to write a year in review maybe but for now I am hoping just to get in more time this year recording our days here once again. Last night we did our annual fondue which everyone loved.  It was a pretty mellow night as I was tired from working at the mountain and Eric and Will needed to get up early this morning. 

We are wishing for a happy and healthy 2022!

june days

June was busy with family visits, camps, celebrations, fathers day, birthdays and our anniversary. We seemed to be doing something all the time and then July happened and the boys began working 3-4 days a week, Adi joined our family which makes it hard to go too many places. So we have just been hanging out at home having very lazy days of summer.  Reading, playing board games, and chasing a puppy nonstop.


We were finally able to get out on the water. With Adi and the weather being rainy most days it has been hard to find a good day. It was a beautiful afternoon and so happy we have the kayaks.

new addition

Introducing Adi

I have been missing here on the blog. We have had a busy summer with a few visitors and then a new addition to our family in the beginning of July. She has kept us(me) busy with having to chase her around and waking up at night. She is getting better every day and is only 9 weeks old at the moment so we have  ways to go.
 But I do love her snuggles and she has stolen our hearts, maybe not Jax's but he'll get there.

may 21- first lake day

We had some pretty hot days so we headed to the lake. When we got there it was 20 degrees cooler, but that didn't stop the two little ones from going in the water. It was a fun day with no one else but us so nice and relaxing!

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