the echo

We went to the echo museum a few weeks ago. Just remembered the pictures. There was a neat exhibit about the 50 states, It was set up like trivial pursuit. The kids had fun and although it is a place mainly for the littles the big ones had fun this time with the trivia questions.

 It was our first "field trip friday" and last for several weeks, since my car broke down that day and we then spent the rest of september not going anywhere except soccer.

(I think field trip friday is only going to be every once in awhile and it will be more like fun friday.)

happy october

We went for a nature walk. A perfect way to finally welcome fall. It is chilly weather these days but I am enjoying it. The kids had a great time and the big boys were fun to just hang out with in the woods. It has been a long time since we have done this. I am hoping to make it a regular occurence. We are entering into hunting season so I just have to make sure we find trails where its not allowed.
It certainly felt great to be out in nature, just being with my kids.

sculpture park

We have this pretty neat resource right in our own town and I was able to convince my family to take a walk to check out all the sculptures for a nice sunday afternoon. I think it is pretty cool. This guy makes all these himself and then sets them up in the meadows for people to enjoy. The weather was nice and crisp, which felt so wonderful to be out in.

library fun

We went to several of the summer library programs but our most favorite are always with Mr. K. He is silly and has a great way of engaging the kids while teaching them a thing or two.


Harkin took a golf clinic all summer and had an absolute blast. We all got to go on his last day to take him out on the real course and see how he played. His brothers gave him a few tips occasionally and said he was a natural. Next summer they are hoping to all play together one day.

the race

I had gotten this idea to run jay peaks trail race. Every year I say I want to do it and this was the year it was going to happen. I had been running on the treadmill so I thought why not. I asked my family to join me. All the kids agreed and were excited when the day finally arrived.

William and Landon had a friend join them. Izzy and Harkin ran the kid race and Landon went along with them for encouragement. They had a great time collecting stickers along the way. I ran my race with Landon by my side as well. He was a great support. I was not in as good as shape as I had hoped so it was harder than I imagined. Not sure if I will do it again or not. Still trying to keep the running up at home, but some days are easier than others...

50 years

Eric's parents made the trip up north so that we could celebrate their 50th anniversary. It was just our immediate family and was a very relaxing day. Eric and his brothers cooked most of the food with our boys helping along the way. It was a great summer's day which was extra fun visiting with their cousins.
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