a day out

We took a drive to check out the 44th antiques and uniques festival. It was fun to walk around and check out all the neat things and there were lots of food vendors there with tastings, so the boys had fun.  The ride home was a good time to take a little rest.

This was the first day that Harkin had his seat turned around facing forward and he thought it was  the best. He could actually see Mama and Daddy. The big boys like the fact that they can rest their heads on his car seat now. The little things...

we have babies

Birds that is.. right outside our garage. We can hear them singing and it is the cutest thing ever. I had to crop this photo since they are pretty far away so it is a little grainy but you can make out their little heads.

on the water

We took a maiden voyage this past weekend. We ALL went into the canoe and it was quite delightful, but still a learning process. Besides Eric and I this was all the boys' first time ever in a canoe. I did not take my camera into the canoe with us so I couldn't get any pictures of us all. I was afraid we might capsize and that would be the end of my camera. After we all went Eric took each of the big boys by themselves. It was fun and hoping that there will be more to come this summer. Jax was a bit of a challenge but he just needs to get used to it.

golf anyone???

The boys are so excited to start playing golf again. Even Harkin wants to give it a try this year.

celebrating the 4th

The fourth was quiet this year. It was a drizzly day yesterday so we all just took it easy. Played some board games, watched a movie and cooked a lot of picnic food, although there was no picnic. Then today we went to the next town's parade. It was a quaint little parade.  Then we took a nice drive and came home to play and have a nice family evening.
Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend!
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