cake time

Issabelle had a lemon raspberry cake with a cream cheese frosting. She was very happy about us singing "Happy Birthday" to her, just didn't quite understand about the waiting till we are done. But it was fun. She is so cute, snugly, lovable, silly, stubborn, crazy, and sweet all at the same time. We adore her so and  happy to have her with us- now a big two year old! Simply amazing!

jump, jump, jump

Issabelle loves to jump. She jumps on the couches, on the stairs to the floor, and on everyone's bed, where she has bumped her head a few times. We found a place she could go jump safely for her birthday. The first hour we went it was toddler time so only kids under 46 inches could jump. Harkin and her had a great time,while William and Landon did great encouraging them and playing from the sides. Then the next hour it was open for all. Since it was the middle of the week, in the middle of the day, we basically had the place to ourselves. The big boys had a great time and the two little ones thought it was fun following their big brothers around. Everyone was seriously tuckered out by the end. We had an hour drive home so it was good for napping.

the big two

Issabelle awoke all excited for her birthday, her brothers had been pumping her up for it. Then she was stunned into silence by the wonderful singing of Grammy and Grampy on the phone. Once all awake we headed downstairs where there was a a pile of presents to open. She was very excited for all of them and wanted to make sure we were all there to watch. It was lots of fun. She played for a little bit and then we headed out the door for jumping...

birthday makings

All the boys were busy making things for Issabelle's birthday.

William needle felted these adorable penguins and playmat. She absolutely loves it. Landon was busy sewing a pillow for her. She likes to use it on the changing table. Being comfortable while getting her diaper changed is a priority:)
Landon also made her a sword and helped Harkin make her a battle ax. She is thrilled to have her own and is in constant use chasing her brothers around so there aren't any clear pictures as of yet.

totally snuggly

Issabelle loves her new robe. It is so cozy she tells me every time she puts it on.

last day of her year

Today is the last day I will have a one year old. She is the silliest one we have - and very stubborn as well. Wants to be so independent just like her brothers. But the joy she has brought to all of us is just wonderful. Everyone is so very excited to celebrate with her tomorrow. Be back with the updates of the day.
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