first steps in the woods

The days have been beautiful.
The boys have been outside. a. lot.
There has been fort making.
Harkin following his big brothers.
In the woods without being on Mama's back.
Exciting stuff.
Thought it was so awesome.

So thankful we live here.
Mama loving the fact that my boys can play in the woods with their imaginations for hours on end.
Simply perfect.

the newest hat

It may seem rather strange that I am still knitting hats since it is spring, or so the calendar says so. However the Northern Vermont weather does not agree. We still are having chilly enough days that warrants a warm head. This hat will match the jacket I finished a few weeks ago. He loves wearing hats all the time anyways. He does look good in them too!

fighting the battle

Harkin has been watching his big brothers very closely and figured it was his turn to become a knight. He made do with what we had on hand. No one had prompted him to do this, he just all of a sudden went over to William and started acted like he was sword fighting. It was one of the funniest things.

at home

The weather is beginning to slowly turn and we have been home all week just enjoying the small comforts and one another.

The snow has been melting off of our roof and has been making a large pile in front of the garage, which means we could not get out. I had the boys out there getting their exercise and working hard.  Then there has been sap running and syrup making.
Ball and block playing.
Puzzle making. The boys are really into it at the moment. Landon is doing one a day, while Will has his work cut out for him with 1000 pieces.
And a new friend joined our family this week. Mr Blue. (the knitted pixie)

So a good week enjoying our sweet moments.

vanilla ice cream

Harkin had his first taste of ice cream and thought it was pretty awesome.
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