september slipped away

I know we are now in the middle of October, which is crazy for me to comprehend.

The past eight weeks have really flown by. Every day it has been soccer, which means lots of driving and preparing for dinners way early in the day. Not to mention that we have been trying hard to get in our studies. It has been fast and furious in the fact that I feel like I am on the go but in all honesty I really am not. Our days start late due to the later nights. Most days I can go with the flow but there are days I start to panic and think we are not doing enough, especially William.

It is has been hard for me to relax but I know that he is learning quite well. He is a very bright young man and loves to read and any sort of trivia. We have been managing a new device as well. A phone for him, which is a good thing but is taking me some time to get used to. Trying to help him manage his time on it. He loves to read soccer news.

Harkin has joined his big brothers in wanting to do lots of lessons. He wants to learn how to read, spell words and loves numbers! Trying to manage everyone's time with Mama has been challenging but we are starting to get a decent routine.  Landon is taking a more independent route this year and then of course Issabelle thinks she should be doing something. We usually sit and do some type of creating as her "lessons". The days are full of activity but I wouldn't change it. I love being the one to help with their learning and do enjoy my time with them, although it does seem to be slipping by.

This week soccer ends for a bit and we are going to try and do a few excursions and enjoy the rest of the fall weather. Snow is on the way soon.

at the salon

Issabelle had her first haircut this weekend. Kinda crazy that she is 3 1/2 years old and we have never had it cut. There wasn't a need, but lately it has been harder and harder to comb her hair with too many knots and she finally agreed to it. I made the appointment on Monday and she counted down the days until we could go.

Daddy came with us to watch. She was so very excited. We didn't get too much cut off, just enough so it was healthy.

Then she had a it french braided and left that in all weekend. She is such a ham these days....

a lake day

We spent a glorious day at the lake. It was our not back to school day. We had the lake to ourselves and had such wonderful weather. We hadn't been too much this summer so I was soaking up all that we could. As you can see my monkeys were having a pretty good time!

a quick visit

In mid august we had a quick visit with my sister and husband. It was a fun filled three days. Lots of games. Went for a walk by the lake and visited the farm with them. Thanks for making the trip each summer. The kids love their Auntie Linda and Uncle Joe and are looking forward to our winter visit!

touch a truck

A super fun activity of summer. Checking out big trucks. They loved going from truck to truck to truck to truck....... we were there for a long time!

daddys day

The very beginning of the summer my sweet love had a birthday. He played hookie from work and we went mini-golfing and then went out to a family BBQ up at Jay. Lots of fun with the most important man in our lives. Love you always and forever.

more library fun

We spent a lot of time at the library(more than one) this summer.  The theme was "libraries rock" so there was tons of music involved which was plenty of fun.
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