The historical society on our town only opens the doors to the train display a few times a year. Last Saturday we had nothing going on so I took the two little ones down for an hour to watch them go round and round. They were both mesmerized. It was the first time they had seen trains that actually moved. It was so much fun to watch them and brought back so many memories of when I used to take the two older boys to Eli Whitney museum in CT.  We had a great time and Harkin is asking when we can go again. Not until the dairy days in June , my sweet love:(

decorating the house

The kids were so excited to put up our decorations. We have a tone of gel window clings which is one of their favorite things. This year both Issabelle and Harkin were able to put up their own which was just a hit. Then it is always fun to see all of our other items. We don't have too much so we put them up slowly and have fun talking about who made what or where they came from. Most of ours are homemade. Harkin wants to add a few this year since he said he didn't have too many. We need to get crafting!!

on a monday

Snow to start off our week.  I love having to stay home when we are getting tons of snow, but I had to go out. Instead I cancelled my appointment and we all just enjoyed the snow.

There was present making, drawing, playing, reading and quite a bit of bickering all thrown into the day.  Not every day is peaceful around here. Just a fact of life, but we always can try to make tomorrow better.

Read the legend of St, Nicholas, left slippers/shoes out in hopes of a few treats and remembering
"it is in giving that we receive":)

here we are

How can it be December 1st already. It seems as I get older and the children grow our days blend into one another so quickly. By days end I am worn out and in awe that the day has passed. We try to slow down on our days home and are enjoying creating together and hope for many more days like this during this holiday season.

thanksgiving day

We had such a relaxing day at home. The two little ones and I crafted turkeys in the early hours, then we played in the snow all morning only to come into a delightful lunch - made by Eric. Then we had a quiet afternoon of naps and games. The kids went back outside in the late afternoon and built a huge snowman together. Eric pretty much made all of dinner. I only contributed the bread. He made ham, potatoes, and onions. William made cranberry sauce. And then for desert we had an awesome cheesecake made by Will. It was peaceful and all was calm. Just the way we like it. Thankful to be together.

making salad

Issabelle now has learned to use our cutter so she can help make dinner. This night she was making a salad with Landon, and was so proud of herself.

overnight changes

This weekend we had sunny summer weather turn to rain, turn to winter storm, ending with almost two feet of snow today.
Saturday while it was nice, Eric and the boys cleaned out the chimney to prepare for our fires. Issabelle was on standby to help with the drilling. By Sunday morning we were cold and had that fire blazing. It snowed all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Issabelle can't even walk in the snow unless there is a path cleared. We got to try out our new to us snowblower since our old one we had for 15 years blew up when Eric was checking it out a few weeks ago.

The kids have spent hours out in our first big snowstorm of the season. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.
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