a new hat

Issabelle showing off her new hat. It was a fun quick knit, in some beautifully dyed local wool. As the nights are beginning to get a bit cooler here and we are out for soccer several times a week it is going to come in handy!

the push up

Issabelle learning how to get onto her hands and knees. She would push herself up with her arms and then get onto her toes. She was so happy that she could do it and then she would get frustrated that she wasn't going anywhere. It was fun to watch her. Every day she would figure out a little bit more.

story time

We have lived here three years and finally went to the library that is in our own town. It is a one room library but they had lots of good books. We went while they were having story time. Harkin absolutely love it. The librarian was very fun and it was a small group so he was really excited to get involved and loved all the songs, poems and books they did. I was hoping to go more often this fall but it conflicts with something else we have at the moment.

6 month photo shoot

I never posted pictures from Issabelle's 6 months. At this point she is sitting up by herself, moving around all by herself on the floor by pulling with her arms and rolling over. She is adore by her brothers and loves to chatter and give kisses.

** she is almost 7  months now and it is amazing to me how much she has learned in the past month. they grow way too fast**

a little break

On one of our many walks this month, Issabelle was a little tired of being in the stroller. She just did not want to sleep or just hang out. So we found a tree to sit under and wait for the boys to come and get us with the car. She was thrilled to be out on the grass and just hanging with Mama.

august days

The days have been hot. We have had visitors. Tons of fun has been had. There has been a little accident that involved stitches. We've played games, swam and baked. Books have been piling up from 4 different libraries. An amazon gift card was won for 16,000 pages read.  Crawling has been mastered.  Meet ups with friends have been awesome. Lots of ice cream has been consumed. Too many late nights for Daddy. Plans are being made for vacation. Soccer has begun. Beds have been rearranged.  All 4 kids are growing- William is taller than his Mama!!!  Fall activities are being scheduled. We've been gifted with new toys. A new hat has been knitted. Scrap booking projects are coming along. The "big green egg" has provided us with some tasty meats. August is escaping us all too quickly.  Hoping to fit in a few more days like today--friends, water, sun. Loving life right now!
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