the many faces of Harkin

This little man has so many wonderful  expressions. One of our favorite has been the dirty eyeball, as we like to call it. The first and second pictures. Its a game now. We do it, then he does and then he wants us to do it back to him.
Then of course there is that crazy smile/laugh face.
And a sour cherry face.
He is such a funny kid and I am so glad I was able to catch some of these faces on camera.

tub time

Just a few pictures of our cutie.

a winning robot and luck of the draw

William's Walter one the library contest. He was so excited. He received a huge candy bar, a book bag, and a handmade bookmark. Then while we were at the library's celebration they had door prizes and he won again!!! Another bag and a water bottle full of bubble gum. He was pretty thrilled with how the day turned out. He has been a great brother and is sharing his candy and gum with Landon and also gave him the second bag he won. You just never know how a day will turn out.

sand and water

Earlier this week we headed to the lake for a day of fun. All the boys had  a great time splashing and romping around in the water together. Then there was lots of time concentrating on a huge castle. Harkin would fill buckets for the boys while they made the creation. Then he would just wander away and check out spots among the sand.

It really was one of the more perfect days.

jay fest

There seems to be so many good things going on lately. I  guess it's all about summer fun.

We headed over to Jay to check out their town wide fun. There were crafts, tag sales, a parade,  games, kids fantasy boards, face-painting, music and Tye-dying. We had a nice morning out. This was also where the baking contest was taking place. The photo of the boys on the logs shows everyone waiting patiently for the results.

car show

The boys had seen some old time cars in our town on Saturday. Eric knew where they were headed and on Sunday we went to Stowe's 57th antique car show. The boys thought all the cars and trucks were pretty neat and spent most of their time taking pictures of their favorites. I was able to get a few photos myself. William was always off looking at a car so I never got him on film, but he was with us. (you can see his reflection in the blue Ford truck picture) Even Jax was able to come and be a good boy the whole time.  It was a hot one though and by the time we got home I was worn out. We had a mellow afternoon. A good way to end the weekend.

quick bread contest

William and I entered a King Arthur flour quick bread contest. He made strawberry bread while I made chocolate chip banana bread. We are by no means these amazing bakers but just wanted to give it a try. We had fun baking together and were excited about entering a contest. We did not win anything but were just proud of ourselves for trying something new and learning about the process of fair contests. We may try again one day.  We'll see.
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