garden camp and party

During the month of July our local library was hosting a Gardens for Learning camp. On a whim I registered Harkin and Issabelle for it. The great thing was that we didn't have to go every day, just when you could make it. It was 8 days spread throughout the month. My original intention was to go with them both and stay the day. However, the very first day Issabelle had a fever. Harkin was so set on going he told me to drop him off and he would be fine. He was great. It was the first time he had ever done a drop off thing where he didn't know too many people. The librarians and one of the presenters. I am only 5 minutes away if he needed me.

When I picked him up he couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had and the salad they made right from the garden. It was a hit and he would be going back every time. Issabelle went a few times since I had to stay with her and there were some days I just had to be at home. She was OK with that. It was more Harkin's thing this year.

Today was the last day and they had a small celebration for the parents. We got to see what they had learned about: seeds, erosion, compost, etc. They also made tie die shirts as you can see. The big boys came as well to share in the excitement. We had food that the kids had made from the garden and smoothies. Then we made our own ice cream as a special treat. Thanks to big brothers arms their ice cream actually was hard.

It was such an exciting day and the enthusiasm Harkin had was fun to be a part of. Issabelle enjoyed herself as well and it is already on the calendar for next summer:)

a half birthday

Something new this year. A little celebration with a new book and ice cream for the 3 and 1/2 year old. She was super excited and everyone thought it was all fun. They are anxiously waiting their half birthdays:)

4th of july

A little water, a game of croquet, a little smoke fizzle, a good meal and lots of family time. A pretty mellow day this year. But we still had just the right amount of fun for us.

blueberry bakers

These two have had such a fun time "baking"in the sandbox this summer. We are treated to blueberry muffins and milkshakes every day.  The big brothers are good sports and go along with it every time. Such a delight to watch them when they all get along.

will's soccer

This spring/summer Will has been playing with kids from the fall team. They have been having lots of practices and then participated in three tournaments. A few shots from his second tournament. He has had fun and has been kept active which is always a good thing.

fathers day

We spent the morning at Will's soccer tournament and then headed home to rest and have dinner at home. Eric wanted to make his own meal, but with lots of help. The two little ones are loving helping in the kitchen more and more. The best part is wearing their aprons. It was tasty meal! Thanks E for all you do and being a great father to our kids!

birthday time

My sweet William turned 15! We had a casual day with us. Opened a few presents and then due to weather our plans changed a bit. We were going golfing but then decided to go bowling due to rain. We had a fun time. Then we came home to have an early dinner and celebrate with cherry pie. Daddy took Will and Landon to a movie while the little ones headed to bed. Things do change as we get older, but it is still great to be able to have fun with my young man. Love you lots!
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