a snowy thanksgiving

We awoke to a blanket of good snow. We all headed outside first thing to play and ride go carts in the snow!
Then came inside for a lunch of anti-pasta, with naps and games filling our afternoon. As darkness fell we settled in for our evening feast. No turkey around here. But we did have some pretty cute turkey decorations made by Landon.  We had a delicious tenderloin with some of the traditional fixings. With apple pie for dessert that was made by Landon in the fall. It was a mellow day with lots of laughing and love.

homeschool art: monet

This week we were studying Monet. There was some beautiful watercolors done. It was a small group this week as people were a bit busy with the holiday.

just enough

There was just a dusting of snow this week but the boys made the most of it. It was very cold so it took me some time to get Harkin all bundled up, but then he goes after his brothers. They played together for over an hour.

Listening to his tiny voice tell the story of their sledding escapades his quite funny. There seems to have been a bit of a crash with Landon and Harkin's voice gets loud and he starts shaking his hands at Landon when he retells the story. Everyone giggles.

It amazes me still how much he comprehends and how quickly these days he is learning words. he is such a funny kid and makes us all smile so much throughout the day. His big brothers are so very sweet with him it is just awesome!

afternoon drawing

The boys were outside. I had a few minutes to myself. I sat down and took out my latest doodle book. I began to draw my own doodles. Then the rush of madness sounded from the mudroom. They were done for the day. Inside they came with a crash and a boom. When they discovered what I was doing they all wanted to join in. So we sat for the next 30 minutes in silence, drawing.  A great way to calm down before dinner.

not too tidy

Harkin loves the kitchen area. He spends time there each day and loves to take it all out. It is all in such fun to watch him play. And his big brothers are so good about helping him clean it all up:)

it stuck

The past two Fridays we have had snow falling but nothing that lasted once it hit the ground. Today the forecast was for more rain than snow but obviously they got it wrong. We came home from a busy day to an inch or two on the ground. The boys were thrilled! It was sticky enough to make snowballs and they even built snowmen. (no pictures) A great hour was spent outside burning off steam from a day of errands and classes. Harkin is so excited about it. I can't wait until we have tons of it and see him playing in it! Yeah for the winter ahead!

Landon was busy building his store of snowballs so no pictures of him were to be gotten.

turkey crafts

We spent one morning this week making some new holiday decorations. The boys said we needed more turkeys. So I got the idea for the bead turkeys from the Artful Parent. She makes sun catchers, I bought the wrong beads, so we made hanging decorations. I think they came out so cute. Harkin had fun playing with the beads. He kept picking up the embroidery hoop after he had filled beads into it, so it was just the process for him.
We then made wooden turkeys. Using craft foam and wooden pieces from the craft store. We had a fun morning together and now we have decorations to last a few years. Harkin loves looking at them up on the windowsill and wall.
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