this week at the mountian

 We had some snow!! Warm weather and sunshine. Eric had a chance to go and ski with everyone and we got to meet up with friends for a bit.

The biggest thing though was Izzy going on a chairlift without the help of mom, dad or her biggest brothers. Just her and Harkin. It went pretty smoothly, just need a little more practice with getting on but did great getting off.  They are growing up... so bittersweet :)

wednesday is william's night

William tries to make us dinner every wednesday night. He loves to try new recipes and they always taste delicious although there is quite a mess in the kitchen. Its fun to watch him though.

This night we had homemade sesame chicken and pork dumplings. SO tasty. 

I know he will never starve. It also was pretty awesome that he did all the grocery shopping for this meal as I was not home to help!!

on the mountain

 We were able to make it to the mountain two time already this year. The snow is OK. We are still waiting for the big storm to come our way. But it was fun to be able to get out and do a little skiing. Grateful we have that.

good snow

We had a good amount of snow finally this weekend. We can play and sled and build forts so all was good and fun.

first day of 2021

Took the two little ones and Jax for a nice walk by the river on this first fay of 2021. Felt great to get outside and just walk. They had a great time climbing trees and running through the woods.

Landon and Eric read for most of their day and Will had to work, but we had a nice warm soup dinner with peppermint smores for dessert. A good first day!

new years eve

We spent the evening having our traditional fondue meal. We were down a pot this year which made it a little more squished but everyone still was able to get enough food. It always makes dinner stretch out which is fun to just relax, talk and enjoy one another's company.

We watched a movie and then most of us went to bed before midnight. I think Landon and Eric were the only two who made it. 

Happy New Year!


christmas evening

We had a long stretch of afternoon into evening where we hung out and played while waiting for dinner. It took a little longer than we expected since our grill was acting up. But it was worth the wait. Everything was delicious and everyone was super hungry so it was eaten happily.

Landon was able to complete all of his Lego sets in just one day. I had hoped they would make at least two- I should have know better.

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