a delightful gift

Another year has passed in my life and I take time to pause and reflect on how it has gone. It seems to me that lately I haven't felt very productive or that I am not really doing much with my life. The rainbow tonight was a happy sign for me. Felt like a blessing was upon me and that this next year might be the one where I stop looking for that something else and just enjoy what is in front of me. You can always be searching for the end of the rainbow but may never reach it. The gold is a stretch. I say enjoy the colors as they expand and be delighted by what it is. A beautiful picture before you. That is what I truly have in front of me each and every day. I need to remind myself of this more often. There is beauty and rainbows in the day to day life, some days they shine a little brighter while other days it may be hard to see, but they are always there. Waiting for me to look up, breathe and take it all in.

fall festival

It is pretty awesome that Canada is only 8 miles away. We traveled up to mount Sutton for a quiet fall festival. There was a neat obstacle course for the kids and then we took the chairlift up to the top and hiked around for a bit. It was really pretty. We also were able to get Will some new skis for the season. We are all getting excited for the snow to fall. It felt good to be in the fresh mountain air.

last day of summer

Labor Day. Eric had the doors off in the jeep for a bit. The two little ones were "going for a drive" since they thought it was so neat. We spent the day on a family drive in my car in the proper seats. We went to a playground and had some lunch out. We were mourning the absence of G & G. Summer was a good one and went by too quickly, although we are always ready for the snow around here:)

landon's fort

 Landon spent a good amount of time with Grampy in the woods creating this awesome hideout. He can hang out there and watch for wildlife or just have some time to himself. He is very excited to have it. Thanks Grampy for all your help. The little ones think it is pretty awesome too!

s'mores x 2

While Grammy and Grampy were here, the nights began to get a bit cooler. Perfect for a bonfire, or two, or actually three. We made s'mores two nights thanks to G&G's prodding. The kids loved it. Harkin and Issabelle had never had them before and thought it was just the best ever. What fun we had.  All the gooey, sticky mess was delicious too.

last lake day

We took Grammy and Grampy to the lake one day. It was our last day for the summer. It was pretty quiet. Most kids were already at school.  We had fun in the water and making a huge river with bridges and waterfalls. The joy of having time to just be....

grammy and grampy visit

A long anticipated visit happened the last week of August. We were so happy all week. We really spent most of our days at home just playing and relaxing with Grammy and Grampy. We wish we could do this so much more often. We miss you tons!
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