early morning hours

These two have been waking early and their mama is not quite ready to get up. We haven't been having the greatest of sleeps, but yet they still manage to wake up at the same time every morning. So I sometimes let them head downstairs before me. They have been having a great time with their stuffed animals. Taking them for rides in the wagon and having picnics. They really have such fun together. It so warms my heart that they are such good friends.

sunday smiles

in the sandbox

I believe this to be one of the best things Eric has ever made for our family. They can sped hours in here creating and using their imaginations for all sorts of things. Even the two bigger ones join in now and again. They used to love theirs when we were in CT. It makes for great lazy summer afternoons.

first lake day

With all the rain we had in June we hadn't a chance to get to the lake. The weather is finally getting hot this week.  We spent the day there on Wednesday. The lake was super high, due to the rain, and there was little beach space. We found a spot and played in the sand but mostly the water since it was hot. Landon used his metal detector a bit and found some cool metal pieces. It was a good first day.

special crayons

Harkin is so in love with Mickey and friends these days. I saved these crayons that Grammy had given us a long time ago. I wanted to give them to him when he was old enough to know how to take care of them. They are too cute and I didn't want them broken right away.  He was so very excited when I gave him the special activity book of Pete the Cat and these crayons to go along with it. He has taken such care each time he uses them. Unfortunately as we were unwrapping them one day Minnie fell to her demise. But she is still usable and he was OK with it all.  He has a great time sitting at the counter and doing his "work". Thanks for the little things.

4th of july

We had a busy day at home.
Here's the list:
soccer play
painting flags (all but mama)
rib making
refreshing smoothie drink
water balloons and fights (or tosses)
corn shucking
grilling bacon bombs
swimming and sliding in the pool
a yummy dinner of ribs, corn, french fries
a walk to stretch our legs or as William said "for no good reason"
another desserty drink
dirty and tired children parents to bed

We had fun and Harkin said it was one of his best day ever because of the ribs. So cute.

spring soccer '17

During the past two and half months we have been busy with soccer. All the boys have been playing and enjoying themselves.
Even Izzy got in the action on the sidelines or in the backyard where games are played almost every day.

I was thinking we would have a break during the summer but no. The big boys are playing once a week locally(thank goodness) and then all three boys go to soccer camp for a week. Harkin's is only an hour a day but he is SO excited for it. 

William will begin pre-season the second week of August, so you can say we are a bit soccer crazy around here. Hard to believe my oldest will be playing for high school already!!
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