january's joys

Little moments that made me smile and remember that my life is filled with joy everyday no matter what we are doing.


My little baby is four! She is so big and certainly was excited for her birthday. She loved the fact that we were going to be "away". She woke up wanting to do it all: skiing, swimming, fun zone, arcade, etc.  We thought about it for a bit and decided we had all week so she skipped the skiing part. It was pretty mellow and nice we didn't have to drive far. Her big brothers were great and had fun with her. It was a good day celebrating our little sunshine. Still can't believe its been four years already.


We took a stay-cation of sorts. We used our week at Smuggs that we haven't used since we moved here since it is only a half hour away from us. But everyone was excited to spend the week and sleepover somewhere new. We were there during the week we had the extreme cold temps and so only managed to ski 4 days. We did have lots of other fun inside though. Swimming every day. The fun zone, ice cream and tubing. It was a pretty relaxing and fun family time week. It ended with a awesome dinner out. A place we had never tried before but will definitely go back to!

We were there for Izzy's birthday as well, which she absolutely loved!
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