the boxer bee

These two have such a great time together. They borrowed William's boxing gloves and went outside to battle. The bee had a bit more bite in her and won the match with a stinger punch:)

way too short

We had a quick 3 day visit with Grammy and Grampy this summer. Unfortunately, everyone wasn't feeling great so we just hung out at home and played. Which was fun but we sure do wish it was longer. Thanks for making the trip. Hope we can see you again soon.

jay fest

We went to the jay fest last weekend. The two big boys didn't care for the music(it was a dead cover band) but my two littles were having fun dancing and then Issabelle joined a little girl in chasing bubbles. The boys headed off with Eric to play Frisbee. It was a few hours of some summer fun.

auntie Linda and uncle Joe

We had a quick three day visit with my sister and her husband. We hung out at home, the big boys played golf, there were a few games played and lots of laughs to be had. Thanks for making the drive. Everyone here had a good time. Can't wait until the next one.

a little campfire

Another one of Harkin's yellow boxes. He made a campfire and backpack and then pretend play with roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. He was a very good sharer with Izzy. They hiked all over the backyard and then settled down to cook. So cute!
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