My sweet little lady is just like her mother when it comes to chocolate. Loves it and is thoroughly enjoying her cake!

first paycheck

William took his first job this winter. He is a junior ski instructor at Jay peak. He had a few days of training and then has been helping teach little kids. He has has a pretty good time so far and has met some new people. He brought home his first paycheck and was pretty excited about it. Right now he is just stocking it away for the future.

It's pretty awesome that he is growing up and such an amazing young man, but I still can't believe it all. He is and always will be my first baby.

minnie underwear 11-2017

So way back when, in November, on a Sunday Issabelle decide she wanted to use the potty all day long. Just like that. I suggested we get some underwear since putting a diaper on and off isn't exactly easy. Daddy has prime with amazon so he ordered the Minnie underwear that she wanted. That was all she would say, "Daddy bought me these".

We were still busy with activities with the boys so it took us several weeks before we were totally out of diapers. With the boys I just stayed home for a week and were done. We weren't doing the night time yet since she was soaking wet each time she woke up. When we finally had the days down we moved to nighttime. It took a little longer than I am used to but also much earlier than I had ever done. I always waited until 3 years old. This little lady turns 3 in two weeks. And she is totally over  diapers:) We've even added to the underwear collection since then. So big!

1-9-18 warm spell

After a week of -15 or below we are so happy to be in the 20's or higher. It is such a crazy difference.

The two little ones are so happy to be able to go outside (no frostbite warning) and wear their snowshoes. It was all they talked about throughout the weekend when we were getting dumped on. I think we have at least 2 feet at the moment so they would sink if they walk. Not so with the snowshoes.

The big boys headed to the mountain today, which they said was awesome,  while we stayed at home having fun in the backyard. We built forts, moved snow with wheelbarrows and played baseball! The fresh air and sun made it so enjoyable. We are looking forward to a few more days like this. Although they are anxious to get to the mountain themselves.

new years eve

We did our traditional fondue!

I was very excited to add a new pot to the mix this year. One that I had picked up at a tag sale. Well there was a reason it was at the tag sale. We could not get it to stay lit. The stand for the pot made it too close to the sterno, so it kept going out. Plus I forgot to get new sternos so we had a rough beginning but my most wonderful husband came to the rescue. First he ran to the grocery store to get more sternos. Then he rigged up a self made stand from some bricks. Once we had it set things went pretty smoothly. Everyone had fun and ate some good food.

After a bit of play we had to get the two little ones to bed.  I hadn't been feeling good so I wasn't planning on staying up till 12:00. I was just about to play a game with the big boys when I was called upstairs by a crying little one. Harkin had thrown up in his sleep. Ugh! We had to tear the bed apart since it was everywhere (except on Izzy!) Then we settled back to sleep. He was fine. He had eaten about three green apples for dinner which is what I think he threw up. Anyways life was back to normal the next day.

Welcome 2018!

all together play

Eric had been home for 5 days and this was his last night before going back to work. Harkin and Issabelle wanted him to play with their new knights and castle with them. He consented and then the two "brothers" joined in. Everyone wants time with daddy. It was a very cute scene to watch and listen to as the battle raged on and on and on....

happy new year

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year and hopefully keeping warm.

We have been pretty much inside the past two weeks due to super cold temps and also two littles who have been pretty sick since Christmas. Colds and then a couple of  rounds of throw up. Today we had a heat wave. 20*. We all were outside and enjoying the fresh air. I took a walk up the hill with the pup while the three youngest built snow forts. Will was busy on the mountain.

We are all on the upside(except Daddy now). Bracing for more colds temps this weekend!
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