time with my guy

I got to spend some time with my little guy (who is not so little anymore). The month of September has flown by, busy with soccer mostly. We took a drive to Landon's away game and got to see all the beautiful colors of fall, which we realized so many other people were as well.  It was kinda crazy how many people come to our small corner of the world. But we had some nice time together in the car and got to just hang out with each other.  I am missing it more as everyone is growing up and getting busier and busier.

family time

I am trying to get back into the daily blogging about our current events but before I can do that I need to back up a bit. 

We spent two weeks in California during the beginning of August as a family. It was a lot of together time which we needed after William being away for the year and then all summer both boys work full time so everyone wanted to just have fun together. And that we did. We went to the beach and there was lots of surfing, we ate good food, went for bike rides, hikes, go-karting, mini-golfing, and lots of swimming at my brother house.

We were there for my nephews wedding so that was fun and seeing all my family was great,. The kids had a good time with their cousins and getting to know them all better. 

It was a pretty awesome trip and so glad we made the time to do it.

new bike

The end of summer proved to be pretty awesome when we received a phone call from one of the libraries we visit and they left a message saying Issabelle had won the grand prize in their reading program. A new bike. Which is what she needed. She is super excited.

september 3

 A quiet but successful day at home. Wood was stacked, more trees were cut, grocery shopping done.  Landon made an addition to our soccer net, Izzy made a volcano in the sandbox, while Harkin and I sat by the fire enjoying the dog show and knitting. Eric made us all an awesome dinner using his smoker that he loves so much.  We even had an afternoon hour of streaming Will's game live and watching him play his first soccer game at his new school. We miss him so much but am happy he is getting playing time and out doing his thing for the moment.

September 2

Pretty mellow day at home. Eric cut some trees, I did some gardening and the kids just had fun hanging out playing in their rooms and outside. We have a pretty relaxed weekend, which we need, as soon we will be in full swing of soccer season. Lots of games and running around in all different directions.

september 1

 It was a glorious day at the pool. It was pretty empty since most kids were in school. it was just fun to hang out and relax with one of their good friends.

learning about bees

We went to a class where we built bee boxes and learned how to trap them and then feed them some sweet water so that we can follow them to their beehive, if we ever wanted to find a natural beehive. It was pretty neat to learn about and when we got home they tried out the boxes, but haven't found a hive yet.

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