sun, sand and water = fun, fun, fun

It feels just like yesterday that William and Landon were doing this exact same thing. How a hose, bucket and sandbox can create such delightful play for hours. They had a great time making streams and floating boats. I think their favorite part was actually pouring the water from the hose to the bucket and then to the sandbox. Glad we can have so much fun at home.

new duds

William is growing. He needed new shoes for running so Eric found some online. William was very excited for them and thought they were pretty cool . He wanted to take a picture before they got all dirty. He has been running up our road which is a huge hill, a few times a week. He is trying to get into better shape for fall soccer.

loving the flowers

These two have had so much fun looking for flowers this Spring. First it was dandelions, Now some buttercups and clover. Soon it will be wildflowers from our garden that William made for us.  There is such excitement at everything new. I love how their sweet innocence makes me smile every day.

she's ready

Issabelle got her new helmet. Pink with butterflies. She was very excited to have one just like her brothers. Harkin is trying to move to a bigger bike so he is ready to share his red strider with her. Right now she just kinda sits on it and tries to walk. It is so much fun to see her. She is getting so big.

afternoon building

I found a few building kits in our art cabinet(thanks Grammy). Landon helped Izzy build a recycle truck while Daddy helped Harkin make a car. It was fun for them both as they tried to help with the hammering a bit. The end result was good and they have been playing with them throughout our days.

fun on the lawn

On the days it has been warm we have been playing a little croquet. The kids love it and think it is such fun. They like to tease their Mama when she tries to hit the ball. I am glad I can make them laugh..

teamwork for a new garden

We have been here almost 5 years and not to much growing has been going on. We are surrounded by trees and the sun only shines in each space for a few hours at a time. This year my sweet boys bought a shade flowering mix. William worked very hard to dig up the dirt and toil the soil. Landon gathered the littles and found rocks by the stream to outline the edges. They all worked so very hard and were proud of themselves for a job well done. Me too! The seeds are planted and now we just need the sun(we've had plenty of rain) to make those flowers rise and shone.

may days

They have been kinda just hanging at home for the most part. The big boys have soccer at night so we all get a little tired. We have had fun playing outside and spending time making things. Always fun to see what is in the art cabinet. Every now and again I ask Harkin to do something specific- working on sorting and counting to ten in the last two pictures.
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