jay fest

We went to the jay fest last weekend. The two big boys didn't care for the music(it was a dead cover band) but my two littles were having fun dancing and then Issabelle joined a little girl in chasing bubbles. The boys headed off with Eric to play Frisbee. It was a few hours of some summer fun.

auntie Linda and uncle Joe

We had a quick three day visit with my sister and her husband. We hung out at home, the big boys played golf, there were a few games played and lots of laughs to be had. Thanks for making the drive. Everyone here had a good time. Can't wait until the next one.

a little campfire

Another one of Harkin's yellow boxes. He made a campfire and backpack and then pretend play with roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. He was a very good sharer with Izzy. They hiked all over the backyard and then settled down to cook. So cute!

my little water bugs

We have been having lots of fun at the lake this summer. Harkin and Issabelle have gotten so comfortable with the water and had a great time with the waves this day.

a new bug

Harkin made his own wings and a little pouch in this months koala crate. He has so much fun with these kits and is really such a great sharer with Issabelle. They then proceeded to go outside and look for bugs on the flowers.

wonderful waves

What a great day at the lake. It was a little wavy and made for lots of fun kayaking and paddleboarding. All the kids wanted to get in the action and the big brothers are so good to share and help. We had fun with friends and an overall super day. I cherish these days. Especially this summer since it seems to be fewer of them due to the weather.


Anyone know what's a little off in this picture???


A 50 cent purchase has been a huge hit. It is played every day since I bought it. Harkin absolutely loves it. It is easy for him to remember how to play and most mornings he comes downstairs and plays by himself for over an hour. He used all four colors and pretends he's playing with William, Landon and Issabelle. Then there are afternoons of all of us playing. He's even gotten Daddy to play several times! It's a keeper! His favorite part is to say "Sorry" very slowly and loud:)

field trip: butterflies and more

We took one of our very rainy days and headed indoors to the Echo in Burlington. We have only been there once before. They have updated their space for littles and it was such a fun play space. Then there was the butterfly exhibit, which is why we went in  the summer, otherwise we would have waited for all the other kids to be in school. Anyways everyone had a great time and loved when the butterflies landed on them. They wouldn't stay long on Izzy. She wouldn't stand still long enough.
We're hoping ot venture back again soon.
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