The boys took a class several years ago on how to make artist trading cards. They really enjoyed it and had fun trading with other kids. None of our friends up here had ever heard of them so we decided for the month of May to host our group. We were ready to start again. This time the focus was on making cards and then the kids could trade them at the end. It was fun. They are like little masterpieces of art, made by the kids, which I love.

at home

It seems like I just posted, but it has been almost two weeks now.

Our days have been good, a little busy with not too much sleep going on around here.  Baseball is keeping us out late two nights a week but the next day everyone is very SLOW. Thankfully we usually can just hang out at home. Issabelle gets overtired and doesn't like to nap during the day but sleeps pretty good at night. Every now and again she is nursing every hour, but it is helping her to grow. She has the cutest rolls you ever did  see.  She is also working on sitting up and getting strong on her belly.

We are outside more as the weather is nice and warm.  I have the week ahead to sit down and organize our home learning materials and then the boys meet with the teacher for their assessment.

Then we are on to summer mode.  I have big plans- trying to clean things out and finish projects. The boys have lots of projects on their minds and of course we will try and get to the lake a ton more this summer.

baa baa black sheep

The day started with a little reading. One of his favorites. Baa Baa Black Sheep. It was rather appropriate as we spent the morning visiting with some new baby lambs and their mamas.

It was fiber weekend up here and our local yarn store was having an open house and also a junior fiber show. William had entered his needle felted sprites and received a second place ribbon and prizes that he is very excited about. Some wool roving, a 10% off coupon for more supplies and a free Creemee (something similar to soft serve ice cream).

We continued our day taking a scenic drive- this was the first time we were all in a car together since Issabelle was born. We finally got a car that fits us all. The day ended at Ben and Jerry's for some real ice cream. I don't do the whole Creemee thing.

It was a nice family outing.

in her hands

Issabelle is totally holding things all by herself now. Of course they all go right to the mouth. She has a pretty strong grasp. If she gets your hair or shirt it is hard to get her to let go.

Oh, she looks so big.  31/2 months already!!! Time needs to slow down- or else I do and just need to hold her more than I already do.

the wonder of play

So much fun just to stand back and watch Harkin discover things on his own.  He was having so much fun with the big blue ball.

old school art

The Spirograph!! I had one of these as a kid. When I saw the deal on Woot I had to get it for the boys. They were looking for something to do one morning so I brought it out. It was a huge hit. They spent the morning making Spirograph art and using the paint spinner. I love seeing them get so excited about little things. They continued to make more in the afternoon. Now we have quite a collection of circles hanging up around the house.

hot days

We had some pretty hot days last week. The boys had a great time spending the day in the kiddie pool all together. Issabelle and I watched  from the living room. This was the first time she was hanging out in a one piece shorty. Her arms, legs and toes are all so cute!

on mother's day

We spent the day at home. My boys made their Mama a nice breakfast. Fresh squeezed juice,  a healthy smoothie, a most delicious yogurt parfait and chocolate chip scones.

Then there was work to be done so we can stay warm in the winter. Always looking ahead. The rest of the day it rained.  We played a game, knitted a bit and just relaxed. Eric made a big dinner with lots of yummy food. I haven't been sleeping so well lately so I was off to bed early. But this is where I love to be... home with my family.

baseball begins

The season has started. It is always fast and furious. 6 weeks. 15 games. Our evenings during the week can be a bit rough since we have two little ones who should be asleep by 7:30. The games last until 8:00. Most nights I leave early as long as Eric can make it to the game. Dinners have been less than stellar. I am trying to find some good salads to keep us going through the next few weeks.

It is just Landon this time around. He has moved up to the minor leagues and is loving it. He has been trying out pitching and doing pretty well with it. My little guy is not so little any more :(

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all you mothers a lovely day.

needle felted ninjas

One afternoon there was a flurry of activity with the needles. The boys were on a mission to create something for an upcoming fiber show they want to enter. William came up with a guy and then they both ended up created something similar to one another.

Pictured here is Landon's gang of ninja's.

new wheels

The boys had been so eager to get down the tricycle for Harkin. It was early April when we had our first nice day and so it came down from the attic and they all had a great time going around the driveway. Since then it has become a daily routine where Harkin gets his push around. Hoping by the end of summer he may have the whole pedal thing down. We'll see.

a week of photos

Photos from the last week of April, where we were home most days just hanging out and living.
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