winter work

With all this ice and snow there is always something to do and the boys are eager to learn and help.

christmas:: eve and morning

We got our tree late due to an ice storm so the day of Christmas eve the big boys decorated the tree by themselves- lights and all. Harkin just watched on in wonder. He wasn't overly concerned with the tree. We had a nice dinner of appetizers and tried some new desserts.

Christmas morning was exciting for all. Harkin just kinda took it all in. He was excited to try out all of his gifts but really didn't want to rip open anything. His brothers were more than happy to help.

We spent the day at home, mainly in our pj's, playing an all day long game of Risk, taking breaks for food and to try out a few of the other gifts we got.

Another good day in this life of ours.

in the snow

Up here in northern Vermont we are well into winter. Snow keeps on falling, even if just a dusting a day. I am assuming we will not see the ground until spring, but you never know. 

The boys are in heaven. They have been on the mountain skiing since the first of December. Outside in our yard is their natural playground. Our days at home are mostly spent outside.  Harkin loves to get out when the temps aren't too cold. It takes a bit to get him all bundled up but how much fun we have once outside. 

This particular day we were outside for about two hours. Harkin had fallen asleep on my back before we could get him in the snow, then when he awoke he was ready to go, go go. The big boys had a great time showing him around.

Here's too a good long winter!

10 month photo shoot

OK, so here is my little man. He looks so big sitting in his chair. And he was so happy to be doing so. He  thinks he is pretty hot stuff. Which of course he is according to all of us. He is a full fledged walker these days. Talking/babbling up a storm. So interactive in his play. Now has two teeth. Loves to snuggle up close, however doesn't' really sleep so well these days. LOVES to take baths. Has so much fun putting things in something, like a bowl and then emptying it and starting all over. Makes the cutest noises- almost like a roaring lion at times. Enjoys helping Mama with the laundry, taking the clothes out of the dryer. Is a little monkey and tries to climb everything, such as the block basket, the table, and his blue chair.

So amazingly wonderful and fun to watch. Thankful every day that Harkin chose us to be his family.

christmas crafting

The days leading up to Christmas found the boys creating one thing after another. They were trying to be secretive about it, but I was allowed to take a few pictures. They made presents for everyone in our family. I love how they are so willing to make things and I really do love their homemades the best. Some of their ideas were so imaginative. Piper cleaners wrapped in duct tape to make a ball for Harkin, A dust tape ribbon gadget for Harkin. Corks covered in duct tape to make a mini bowling set. (a theme going on) Drawings. Paintings. Stuffies. Rings. Necklaces. The list just keeps going on and on. It really was a wonderful handmade Christmas by the boys.

sunday smiles

 Another tooth gone.

hanging and playing

Just some fun photos from over the weekend. This is what Landon does while talking on the phone to his Grammy and Grampy. He cannot sit still. Constantly in motion, and then there is his little brother following him around and busy trying out new things. Lots of fun to watch.
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