6 months and a new hat

Harkin turn 6 months old last Saturday and it was time for a new hat. It is a bit big but it is a size 6-12 months so it will last for several months. 

He decided to start crawling on Friday night. Right across his whole floor he went. The big boys were ecstatic. He is not on his hands and knees, but rather uses his feet to push and arms to pull. He is venturing out of the carpeted rooms onto the tile floor. His expressions are wonderful to watch as he is just so proud of himself.

He also is loving to bang on things and make noise. Anything that shakes is great. Loves to crumple paper.

Still a happy, contented guy. Gets mad when you take things out of his hands though. The boys are learning very quickly to keep their stuff out if his reach.

All the boys have so much fun together and it is so awesome to see Harkin's face light up when he sees his big brothers.

6 months. Wow! Sigh

a day with no school

While most of the kids around here were headed back to school, we headed to the lake. It was a glorious day with some new friends. The boys played in the water all day and Harkin enjoyed getting off the blanket into the sand- did I tell you he was crawling?? 

Soaking up the last bits of summer before the weather begins the cool crispness of fall. Filling up our calendar with some field trips and regular meet-ups, ideas of projects and topics we want to learn about.

Life is good, oh so good.

early morning playtime

The early morning hours when Harkin awakens before his brothers finds us in his room trying to play ever so quietly. However, he is quickly joined by them and they set off to keep each other entertained while Mama takes  a shower. The fun they have with one another is so wonderful! Such sweet, sweet brothers.

places to see

I picked this book up last week at a tag sale.

There are 3 places in Vermont that you must see:
1) Ben and Jerry's- been there.
2) Shelburne Museum- planning on going soon.
3)Sandbar State Park- went today!!!!

The sun was shining, the water was warm but the wind was blowing which made the air cool. It didn't bother the boys though. We met up with some friends and had a great day. The place was pretty deserted--just the way we I like it.  Harkin spent the day practicing his scooting/crawling- he is almost there!


A co-worker of Eric's invited us to their lake house for the weekend. Up here they call these homes "camps", so we went off to summer camp as a family. It was a nice weekend away and gave the boys an opportunity to learn how to water ski, knee board and tubing. I was so impressed with both of them for trying and actually doing it. They had the most amazing time.

And every time we went out on the boat, Harkin would fall fast asleep. The hum of the engine just put him right to sleep. He did get a chance to swim in the lake but wasn't overly thrilled with it.

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