All is well. Grammy's here!

Oh, I'm Sore

We went ice skating today. Last time was 6 months ago.

William had a great time- he did seem to be laying down more than standing up though. Landon did awesome. I wasn't bending over so much this time. His sense of balance has really improved. All was good.
Then I go and do something not so smart.

We had been skating almost an hour. Landon was tired. So I pick him up. We go around the rink once and just as we were about to get off, I slip. BIG TIME.
We land with a huge plop on my but and elbow. I was trying to save Landon's face. He was fine- just a little scared. All these people come over to make sure I was alright. I'm fine. Just really, really sore. And quite embarrassed.

We're all done now. We are packing up to leave and from around the corner I can hear the coach who watched the whole thing telling the people who work there.
"Did you see that lady fall? It was so stupid of her to carry her son around."

He walks around the corner and sees me.

Now who's feeling stupid?

I just smiled and politely said goodbye.

I'm Melting

Seriously. This weather is killing me. It has been 90* for the past few days and by the end of the day there is just nothing left in me. All I want to do is go hide out in my bedroom where we have one of the two air conditioners. Not sure what Eric and I were thinking. We have done so many home improvements but never central air. We must be crazy.

Anyways, we have been having some fun though.

William and I went on a date Saturday. We went to this midsummer festival. It was a bit crowded but he seemed to enjoy himself.

There was this really cool structure that an artist built out of local branches.

A homemade bubble maker.

Then we had a birthday party to attend.

This amazing cake was enjoyed by all. That's the birthday girl.
Some Frisbee.
Throwing sticks into rivers.
Notice Landon's hand. He cut it two weeks ago while in North Carolina. It is just about healed, but still has a band aid on it and will not use it too often. He holds it against his chest to baby it.


This morning we woke to a nice, beautiful, crisp day. No rain. No dying heat. A perfect day for fruit picking. We missed strawberries in June because of so much rain. So we were ready to take on all fruit that was ripe and ready.

We packed our lunches, cleaned our buckets, grabbed our hats and off we went. The boys were so excited.

Now as you look through the pictures there is a recurring theme. See if you can guess it.


Nectarines and Peaches


Raspberry Crumble
Our first of many fruit desserts this weekend.
We had a full day( I told you they were serious about picking). After all that picking we went and had a picnic lunch and fed the ducks and Geese.
Figure out the theme?
William was the one who was always working while Landon was always eating!

Fun, Fun, Fun

We had a play day at our house today. 7 families. 16 kids. Lots of fun!

Boy were we tired!

A Fishy Story

Every time we go to the grocery store the boys flock to see the lobsters in their tank. They love to just stare at them. Well today was different. Today William decided he wanted to take one home for dinner.
I paused. I thought. Why not- this is actually the best night to do it. Eric wasn't going to be home for dinner( he is allergic to shellfish). So we picked one out and brought it home.

William had to carry it through the entire store and so many questions.
Will is still be alive? Why are the rubber bands on the claws? How do we cook it? Can I hold it? Can we eat it right when we get home?
He just kept on going and going- my little energizer bunny.

We did not eat when we got home because it was only lunch time. But the anticipation rose all day long. Finally when it was time to cook the little lobster, William wanted to hold it and drop it in the boiling water. He had this wonderful smile on his face.

Gritty tried to jump at it as we were holding it. She wasn't too sure about his whole Crustacean thing. Landon on the other hand went running from the room . He wanted nothing to do with it.

Cooking it was a huge ordeal. William had to watch it, stir it and remove it from the pot.
I had to break it open with knife, scissors and hands. I had no lobster crackers or pickers readily available. We just don't do lobster here. I think the last time I actually ate a lobster was 7 years ago. Prior to being pregnant. My family would probably be ashamed of me. We grew up having huge lobster feasts on the back porch all summer long.

Finally as we dipped our lobster in butter and took a bite all the excitement ended right then. It was quickly spit out and no more was touched for the rest of the meal. I can't say I blame them (Landon had decide to give it a try). It wasn't like I remembered. I did eat the whole thing but not sure I would do it again. Crazy, I know.

I told the boys we can try it at a restaurant when it is stuffed or something. They always put lots of yummy bread crumbs, butter and stuff that I think would mask the actual lobster and be more enjoyable.

Landon ended the meal by say "I'm not a lobster person. I like fish"

I was proud of William for trying something new.

Little Green Lizard

While visiting my sister I had a little visitor while I was working on her computer. As I sat there I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. To my surprise this cute little lizard had climbed the wires and sat upon the table looking at me. What was I to do?
We decided that he needed to get back outside where he belonged. I tried to pick him up by the tail but he was too fast. We just tried to shoo him out with a broom. Unfortunately their little Yorkie wanted part of the action. As the lizard headed under the coffee table so did Rusty.
Rusty prevailed as he came out with this poor little guy clenched between his teeth. Now trying to get him to release the lizard was quite the task. He ran outside and would drop it on the ground, but every time we got near him he would pick it back up and run farther away. We did finally catch Rusty without the lizard.
I do feel rather bad about the poor guys fate. Maybe this will be a warning to all other lizards in their yard. Don't enter the house or you will have Rusty to deal with. He was rather proud of himself.

Everyday Smiles

A cool looking tree.

Yummy blueberry pie made by Auntie M.

Our monthly load of library books.

Simple beauty.

We have a pumpkin growing accidently in our back yard!

Working hard to make rivers and ponds.

Fresh flowers from my own garden.

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