quebec city

We spent an afternoon in the city. The boys enjoyed the fortress and wall, which we could walk on for a bit. It was a pretty city but still a city, which I am not overly fond of to begin with. There were lots of cute shops and such that if we did not have three boys in tow Eric and I may have check out more of, but that is not the season we are in right now. So a few hours was just fine with us.

disc golf

We tried out disc golf for the first time. It was a lot of fun but rather a challenge for Harkin and I.  I was quite impressed with the boys' ability to get the disc to go far and straight. There a few courses around here that we may be making it our new family outing!

harkin's first swim

 While away we decided to let Harkin have a go at the water. He didn't seem to have an opinion one way or another. Just a pretty mellow guy. We kept him in only for a few minutes as it wasn't too sunny out that day.

Afterwards he was all bundled up to get warm.

karting and chocolate

All the boys were thrilled that we found a go-kart track. These went really fast too. Watching from the sides lines made my heart skip a beat when both William and Landon had a few crashes. However, they just thought it added to all the fun. We were lucky enough to get our time in just before the rain came pouring down for the rest of the afternoon, so we headed for a scenic drive on an island and found some chocolate to take away the blues.  A pretty good day I'd say.


We spent all of last week in Canada, just North of Quebec City. We took scenic drives, played tennis, swam, hiked and went adventuring.

It was a very relaxing week, with lots of good food and not too much sleep. Tiny beds, light for most of the night and a bit of snoring equals a great way to keep people awake.

We all had fun though and even learned a bit of French.  We also discovered that Harkin does not like his car seat after about two hours of driving or when he is so overtired.


4 months

My little bug turned 4 months old today. We are having so much fun. He is finding is toes lately and talking up a storm, and has been working hard on rolling over. Today he accomplished it but when no one was watching. I had put him down on his back and when I walked back into the room he was on his tummy. I watched him closely for the next hour but no more tries. I am sure it will continue as the days go on. He is getting so big. Tomorrow he has his 4 month check up and we will see how much he has grown.
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