summer's end

The long days at the pool club have come to an end. It was a great summer being able to swim everyday. The boys have become amazing swimmers and learned to dive and even almost flip.

The next few weeks we will be packing and preparing for our move.Yikes!

we made it to the island

We went to the beach with some friends. The boys were determined to cross the sandbar this time to the island. It all seemed so mysterious to them. When we got tot he beach at 10:30 it was just high tide. How long did we have to wait until it would be low?? Um, 6 1/2 hours.

No one thought we would be there that long, or I should say the moms, because the kids weren't budging until we made it there. All day they kept on checking. Finally around 3:30 it was actually walkable.  Everyone was thrilled. It took us a half hour to walk across each way. Not too much to see on the island itself, but the that we walked across this huge water way was all the excitement the kids needed.  Oh, how that spirit of childhood is so wonderful!!

It was an awesome day with some pretty awesome people. 

summer of change: part 3

If you were to take a look into my house you would see lots of boxes beginning to pile up. I took no pictures as of yet. I am a bit overwhelmed at exactly where to start. You see, we are MOVING!  We are so excited about it. However it still seems so surreal to me. We will be heading to Vermont. The place we have been talking about for years that someday we will move there. Well that someday has come.  There is still much to do. Packing, choosing the right moving company and um.. finding a place to live.  And we have become landlords.  Something I am not thrilled about but  necessary right now.

So changes are definitely happening here. 

our favorite lunch

The boys and I currently are loving this quick and easy lunch. We take the tomato, mozzarella, and avocado and mush it all between the crusty bread, drizzled with vinegar. Yum!

Summer of Change: part 2

Many of the changes that we have been going through this summer are for the better. Challenging but knowing the outcome is going to be good makes it easier.

There is one change that has made all of our hearts heavy over the past few weeks. Our sweet girl is very sick. She is pretty much ridden with mass cell tumors(cancer) all throughout her body.  She is on a prescription medicine which seems to be helping some. She is at least eating these days.  I cook her eggs, chicken and hamburger, peanut butter sandwiches and cheese. All her favorite things. We have totally given up the dog food.

We are just trying to make sure she is comfortable and not in any pain.   I am not sure how long she will hold on but we are planning on making the days good for her. She has given us so much over the  past 11 years.  She is my first baby whom I will love always.

The boys are doing OK with it. They try to talk a bit more sweetly to her and make sure she gets lots of kisses and hugs.

We are just taking it one day at a time,  and savoring every moment with her.

summer of change:part 1

I am going to backtrack a bit and start out telling you how our summer began. It will all lead up to where we are now.  There is just so much that I have not written about. I needed it to be ours until things were settled more. But as this is also a journal to keep for my family I need to write about it here so it will be a memory for us to look at one day.

It was a Monday afternoon( the last day of April) when I received a call from Eric. He was calling me from his cell phone rather than his office which I thought a bit strange. I was right to think so. The minute I heard his voice I knew something was up.  He had just lost his job.  The company was downsizing.

A bit of a shock. We were all a bit stunned. The boys wondered why Daddy was home in the middle of the day.  We told them as not to keep secrets. There were some tears. William is a bit of a worrier. We explained that it would all work out. We would make it through. And we did.

We made the best of a tough situation. We stayed home more. Spent lots of time together as a family. The boys had so much fun having Daddy around all day. Just knowing he was in the basement (as he searched for a job) was like extra kisses.  The boys could just go say hi whenever. 

It was a blessing to have so much time together. If only life could always be like that but reality was setting in. Financially things were getting tight. And then things came through. Eric found a job, just when we needed it.  There is a greater power watching over us. We are so grateful that it was only 3 months and not any longer. 

More changes. The boys had adjusted to having Daddy home, now he was back at work.  Not only gone for a day but 5 days at a time.  I am parenting alone during the week, not an easy task.  But it is only a phase and I know we will make it through. 

More details to come........

good crazy

Our life right now is so so good but at the same time so so crazy.  Days have gone by with lots of bumps and excitement.  There is just so much to tell about this summer.  I am almost ready to spill it all. Soon. Very soon.


inhale:: exhale

A deep sigh for:

** two boys who still want to be with their Mama- right next to me while I sleep

** my puppy who still wags her tail when I enter a room

** my husband who provides for us no matter what

** my sisters, who sometimes are like my mother, always watching out for their little sister

** a new day with fresh starts

a bunch of boys

So thankful for some great friends, who, although we only see a few times a year you would never know it.
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