quick but fun

We had a quick weekend visit from auntie Linda and uncle Joe. AS you can see my two stayed in pj's most of the days. There was lots of floor play, games and even a solar power science experiment. Thanks for all the goodies and coming to visit. Love you!

short month long days no skiing

So I haven't written much this month. What is the shortest month actually has seemed to be one of the longest. Our days have been spent at home.

Harkin had an incident at the mountain where he fell getting off the chair lift. It was heartbreaking to hear him cry in such pain and to be in continuous pain. Broke my heart in too many ways, since ultimately I am the one who is suppose to protect him and I did not that day. 

He was carried down the mountain in the sled from ski patrol. Then I took him to urgent care. He had it put in a hard splint for three days before it being put in a fiberglass cast. The first few days he was uncomfortable and basically sat in our bean bag chair. Then he figured out how to scoot himself around so he could play all over the house. He was such an amazing little man through this all.

He had the cast on for two weeks and is now in a walking boot for a week or so. He is hoping to still get in a few more skiing days before winter's end. Right now we are in the midst of spring time weather so we need more snow first.

I am sorry my sweet boy that this happened but thank you for having a good attitude through it all.

sunday smiles

William has been working a lot this week and the two little ones missed their big brother. They asked ever so pleasantly if he would spend time with them playing playdough. He obliged and had plenty of fun. Harkin thought Will's fire was so awesome and had to make one just like it.

flashback friday :: crazy hair

After getting a new phone in December of 2016 I tried to be better and take more photos with it than my last one. However, I failed to get them off the phone and onto the blog. I have decided to post a Friday photo to flashback from the year 2017.  There are just too many events that I missed with my DSL camera.

December 22, 2016
Issabelle let William do her hair in three pony tails. Love that face!

collaborative banner

A family project that took us a bit to get up. Issabelle took several days to color her hearts but it finally made it up on Valentine's Day. We are planning on just keeping it up. There are 5 hearts colored by each kid. I love having their art all over the house.


Landon wanted me to take this photo to show that he is now standing on both feet. He isn't back to his regular activities but is walking and playing outside. We are hoping by this weekend he will be skiing and going to soccer practice. He has missed three weeks already and is anxious to get back at it.

her little corner

This desk has now become Issabelle's corner where she can write and create when she wants. She loves to tape and make paper airplanes as she calls them. Here she was busy making one and using her new name stamp. She also was still in her pj's, with an extra layer of pants to keep warm.

lunch with some organizing

Issabelle and I had to go out to do some errands. Along the way we stopped to get a bite to eat. Then we headed to Joanne's where she proceeded to organize all the bins of the stuffed animals. She didn't want to leave until she had done them all. If only her persistence and organizing would continue at home...

super skier

This is my sweet 3 year old on her birthday skiing and taking a break for lunch. We had a great day with perfect weather.

sunday smiles

My most amazing man wearing his hat I finally finished! 

early february days

Landon injured himself while skiing on January 31st. Since then we have been pretty much staying put, hanging out and just doing at home. There's been lots of lego building and some valentines making. We've been working hard on our studies and having fun with lots of science at the moment. Most of William's work is independent and he does much at night. Teenager! He has also had to work a few days and archery once a week. Those are the days we venture out and do errands.  Plus we have been getting quite a bit of snow this February, which is already half over. Crazy!
Happy Weekend!

winter storm fun

We got a ton of snow over the past several days! It has been lots of fun outside sledding and having races. Missing in action is Landon as he has hurt his foot and is just taking it easy trying to recover.

3 years

We had a pretty awesome day celebrating our sweet girl.

It started with presents from her brothers. Harkin was so excited to "read" the book to her and help with the numbers. He's an expert, you know.
Then Landon came in with his. Issabelle was so very grateful to him, giving big hugs. It was all so loving. William waited until the afternoon to give his. She was so happy to have a new sticker book!

She wanted to go skiing so that's what we did. (pictures coming soon) The weather was beautiful. Sunny skies and temps in the 20's. We did jumps and trees and worked on our turns. She was so excited to have all of her brothers there.

We wrapped up around 3:00, came home and opened more presents and then had a breakfast dinner and chocolate cake. As you can see from one of her presents she loves bacon and eggs and that is what was what we made, with potatoes too. She is a good eater this one.

Then she ran around crazy with her new skirt on, played with some of her new toys for a bit and then crashed pretty hard. It was a fun day and can't believe it is already 3 years. Time is slipping away but I am trying to hold onto each moment every day.
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