christmas eve

The boys skied all day while I stayed home and cooked up a bunch of appetizers. When they came home they were famished. We had a ton of food, lots of good munchies which makes it fun. Then they got to open a few presents from their aunts and uncles. Such excitement and joy. Everything was wonderful and the best ever! They played for a bit with their new toys and then we got our plate ready for Santa and the reindeer.

Daddy read the traditional 'The Night Before Christmas" and then off to sleep. The big boys stayed up a little later and watched A Christmas Story with dad. This seems to becoming a tradition as well.

Then all were asleep and waiting for the next morning.


We had so much fun decorating this year. There were no arguments of who should put what ornaments up because I was well prepared. I sorted out all the ornaments into 4 piles ahead of time. This way each child knew exactly what they had to put on the tree. The two little ones helped do this and it was hard to wait for the boys while they were skiing all day. But once home the fun began and it really was quite delightful. Even William commented on it, so I guess I have a winning idea.

cutting the tree

Everyone always loves cutting down the tree- the kids more than Eric, truth be told. But we got all bundled up and headed out to the farm. Eric pulled the two little ones and watched while our young men cut and pulled the tree all by themselves. We chose just the right one together, which to my surprise did not take very long to find. We headed home to let it sit and for more playing in the snow.

look alikes

 As I stood watching these two play I suddenly realized they were dressed exactly alike. Black pants, green jacket and matching hats. I stole a few pictures before they realized I was watching. Then they attempted to attack me with snowballs. No such luck as I had a glass door between us!

first presents in the mail

We received books with their names in it from my sister and husband. The first presents of the season that were opened and they were so  excited. Every time I read their name there were lots of giggles!

candy cane making

An adventure to make candy canes. We went three years ago when I was pregnant with Izzy. This time around we went with friends and it was much less crowded. We made maple flavored, which used all natural flavoring so that explains the darker color. The two little ones were super excited to watch it happen(as well as the two bigger ones). It is pretty memorizing to watch as they pull the candy to cool it and to make it a lighter color.  Not only did we leave there with our own candy cane but also a special treat from the candy store! What a "sweet" day.

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