a little tradition and something new

So we have kinda started a tradition around here unintentionally. We have been reading Cranberry Thanksgiving every year if we could get a hold of it from the library. They are out of print so are hard to find. This year I finally bought our own copy off of eBay. Then we make the cranberry bread recipe that is on the back of the book. Love it, but we make it our own. I do not use raisins but add chocolate chips instead. YUM!

Then we decided to do something a little different. Last year Eric made ribs and it was great but a long day for him. This year we stayed home and took it easy. Played in the snow, and then worked on a 500 piece puzzle for awhile. Once Harkin had napped we headed out to Jay Peak and ate at one of their restaurants. All you can eat buffet. The boys thought it was fun,  and had  a special treat- Shirley temples.

We came home to snuggle under the blankets- it is 14 degrees out- and watch the movie Planes. A simple but relaxing memorable day.

snow day

The snow is falling and the boys are playing.

The big boys had such a great time pulling Harkin around in his sled. So glad this was one of the things we had held onto.

We wake up each morning hoping for more snow. We really do love it. Here's to a good long winter!!!

9 months

My sweet beautiful boy is 9 months old already. I can not believe how quickly it is going by. Every day he is learning something new.

He is cruising around the furniture and stands on his own for almost 10 seconds or so. Getting ready to be independent. He is earnestly eating these days. Trying some new foods and then other days not wanting anything but mama's milk. Copies all the sounds his big brothers make. Loves giving hugs to everyone in the family. Plays with cars and loves when he gets his hand on a book. (following in his brothers' footsteps). Says Mama, Dada, and Hi with such clarity and purpose. Can happily play on his own for quite a bit but does love having someone nearby.

Brings a smile to his Mama's face every morning when he wakes and looks upon my face and smiles, then snuggles. The best way to wake up I do believe.

He is such a joy and blessing to this family and we all fall in love with him more and more every day.

a new sweater and hat

I finished up some knitting for Harkin. His latest sweater that just fits and he will wear almost every day until he outgrows it. This seems to be a pattern for me with his sweaters. I just seem to finish them when he is almost ready to move onto the next size. I am trying to get better at this. There is just always something going on that I don't always knit. I need to knit every day. I remember once that is all I would do in the evenings.

But I did manage to get the hat done quickly and with lots of room to grow. It should last him through the winter, but I may make another just because. I love baby hats. His last one never failed to get a compliment. At least two every time we were out. It was the beautiful yarn. Raised, sheared, spun and dyed all locally. Yeah!!

So I am off to find a new project....

fall family hike

We spent the last of the real autumn weather in the woods a couple of weekends ago. It was chilly but beautiful. Great to be out there and always so amazed that we never pass any other people at this particular place. It is one of my favorite places to go since we have moved here.

Now we are headed into winter mode as we got about 5 inches last night!!!

morning light

This is my morning view at 6:30 am when Harkin is opening our shades to take a peak into the outside world and welcome the morning. It's a good start to the day.

aunts, uncles, and cousins

Two weekends ago we went to CT overnight to remember the life of my Uncle, and although it wasn't the happiest of times to gather, we did get to see some family.

This was the first time Harkin was meeting many of my family and it was a joy to see all the little ones get along so well.  It is amazing how quickly they are all growing.

around the house


Our days at home are busy and full. Watching Harkin tour the house and discover all the places is so much fun. He is such an active little guy these days.  The big boys come and go from the outside, always stopping for a few minutes to play with their little brother and give him a kiss before they move onto the next thing.

I am not sure what we are going to do all day when they begin hitting the slopes soon. It will be a quiet house for sure.

super baby and the cross

There has been some big interest in super heroes these days. So of course we have a few in our house, and there was raiding of my felted sweaters to make costumes. Quite the fun morning!
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