the last day

As I was laying in bed with Landon, (yes they are already asleep!) I of course had time to think.

To think about the past year.

To think of all the blessings we have had.

To think of all those yet to come.

To think of all the things I want to experience.

To think of how I want to act.

To think of the places I want to go.

To think of all the things I want to learn.

To think of the time I want to spend.

To think of the things I want to accomplish.

To think of a new beginning!

Here's to a wonderful New Year.

May yours be blessed with happiness, health and beauty!

Gingerbread Houses

Last week we had some of our friends over for a pre-holiday gathering and had such fun making our own gingerbread houses. We just used graham crackers with frosting and then tons of candy!

Daddy's idea to use all different types of candy, so that at the store the boys were going nuts picking out things, and kept telling me "Well, Dad said so"

William's masterpiece.
Landon's barn!


It was so cold outside today! The wind was howling and whipping right through your bones. Good thing we had plans for inside play.

It all began with pancake making,
then we decided some K'nex building was in order- William helped Landon just a little bit, but overall Landon was able to figure out how to build these cool guys just by looking at the finished picture. They do not come with step by step instructions like William's set.

These are call Kid K'nex. They are much chunkier than the original. And so cute!

I was so proud of William. He built it all by himself and there was no yelling. He can get frustrated very easily. However he stuck with it and finished it, probably spent about 45 min working on it. He must be maturing a bit??Then we were off to a puppet show. This guy is awesome! This is our 4th time seeing him. He is a one man show and makes all the puppets himself. Check out his website here.

William got to be a volunteer. "Finally", he says. Every time we see the shows his big hope is to be a volunteer.

It was a fun time.

On the way home we stopped at the library to stock up on books. It had been awhile.

Our grateful list at dinner-
Me- Just for a great day
Will- Lots of new books
Lan- Going skiing ( we haven't actually gone yet, but so many hopes)

Holiday Time

We have had a lovely few days celebrating the season. Christmas Eve we spent baking and spreading joy to our neighbors and then spent the evening with my sister and her family.

Christmas morning was happily spent at home opening presents and playing with everything. There was much to see and do. Santa came through with Landon's skies and Will's Ski outfit, so now all they want to do is go skiing.
Seriously. Its the first thing Landon says to me it the morning and the last thing he says at night. "I'm ready to go skiing." Try explaining to a three year old that we are going to wait until after the vacation break.
It doesn't compute.

We spent the whole day in PJ's, napped, played some more and ate a yummy dinner.

The day after Christmas we had the fancy dinner with Eric's brothers and families, (well those yet to be).

It was a very relaxing holiday time and very memorable!

Hands at Work

Some of our crafting that has been going on this past week!

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts.

There was so much more I wanted to get to. However, we are at the wrapping stage and thankful for what we've accomplished. The next few days I would like to just relax and enjoy time with my family and friends.

SNOW...Lots of It!

A huge snowstorm hit yesterday! The boys were sooo excited to head out and play. They also love to shovel and help daddy clean the sidewalks and driveway.

This morning we headed out to the local sledding hill which was just awesome. The sun was shining and all the snow had been packed down from all the crowds yesterday. We pretty much had the hill to ourselves. Another great perk to homeshooling- missing all the crowds.

Gingerbread Cookies

We received a tin of chocolate covered gingerbread men in the mail last week as an early Christmas present. I have never been one for the taste of ginger.

Or that's what I thought. They we so yummy! And all the boys seem to really enjoy them. I'm pretty sure the chocolate helped.

Of course Eric is trying to show the boys how to suck milk up into the cookie so it gets all soft and gooey. And when the next day William goes to try it and instead his cookie falls apart into the glass of milk, he was not too happy with daddy's idea.

Then Landon saw the cover of Family Circle with little gingerbread cookies on them, and asked "Please can we make them?"

I really enjoy baking but have never been a big fan of cookies that you have to roll out and actually use a cookie cutter with. They just never turn out right.
The dough gets too sticky, too mushy, too huge a mess.

But this dough was different.

It actually worked!!

I am loving how easy it was.

The taste of just the plain cookie was good.

Of course the fun is in the decorating,
I think I let them get a little carried away, but it was fun and we don't do it too often.


I'm thinking Homemade chocolate covered gingerbread men.

Good gifts??
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