all about air


We spent a morning playing with some projects that have to do with air. We are on a bit of a science kit right now. We have several kits that we are trying to work our way through. Lots of fun.

here we stand

You may have noticed it was a bit quiet around here the past few weeks. We have been here and have been going about our daily lives. I have just been trying my best to enjoy it all and really have not been up to taking that many pictures or really writing all about our lives.

I know there are a few people who read the blog regularly and like to see what we are up to. Sorry.  I just have been a bit tired at night. My little 13 month old is very busy and his big brothers tend to need mama almost as much. So by nightfall all I want to do is snuggle in bed with a book and my man.

Although the calendar says it is almost the first of April, we are still in such winter mode, with another 8 inches expected this weekend. We have been trying to get in as much season's end skiing as possible.

We will welcome spring when it finally arrives but are happy to wake up to snow still. One of the best winters to date and we are lucky enough to live so far north.

So we take each day as it comes and are trying our best to live it fully and mindfully.

This is where we stand.


We have tapped three maples right on our own property this year. Our first time ever making syrup. Everyone was so very excited when we had a small break in weather and were able to boil a bit of sap. We only ended up with a half a cup of syrup but it was exciting to know we made it all ourselves. The weather is still very cold here so it has not been so good for the sap to run, but hoping to get a bit more before the season is over.

experimenting and making

Lots of good stuff.

Fizzy volcanoes.

Soap making, which you must be properly dressed for.

Learning all about the human body.  Very intrigued.

Our days are full and I have not been here much these days. Just sorta slowing down for a bit I suppose.
Sometimes a little break is needed. We'll see what the spring days bring......

crafts in a box

We tried a subscription box out for few months. Landon thought the crafts and activities were neat, however I think he is almost too old  for some of them. It is geared towards the 3-8 year old. Each box has a theme to it and adds a guide for a few extra activities. It is convenient if you aren't too crafty and don't have  many materials readily available. It definitely is a time saver.

a quick visit

Uncle Matt and Nastasia came for a little visit. It was a fun evening with lots of silliness. Then the boys spent the next day skiing with Uncle Matt. They had a great time showing him all of their tricks.

the water park

Last week Eric had some time off and we took the boys to the water park. The big boys had been there several times and love every minute of it. This was Harkin's first time actually going into the water. He was slow to warm up but then as the day progressed just though all was grand. He is going to be a little water bug just like his big brothers. It was a great family day.

sunday smiles

Landon's Castle

Over several weeks during January and February, Landon took a pottery class that was focusing on making a medieval castle and knights. This was so him. He had a great time making the castle. Unfortunately when it was fired it broke in a few pieces. He was disappointed at first but then looked on the bright side. He would be able to move it around and have more entrances. So he glazed it and tada... a great looking castle!
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