lily pad crossing

Another fun day at the pool. This time the big boys had the challenge of crossing the pool without falling in.

hot day at the playground

We tried to go for a swim but their was thunder in the air so they closed the pools and instead we found a playground a little farther down the road and had about an hour of play until the sky turned dark and stormy. We drove home with sheets of rain hitting the windows. It was very slow going as it was hard to see, but it was a quiet drive as everyone fell asleep.

artist in training

Eric starting watching Bob Ross shows with the boys last weekend. He apparently had watched them while he was growing up and always thought they were pretty neat. The following day after their first"lesson", Landon went outside and created his own masterpiece using techniques he saw on the show.  He even had his own audience. I love how this all came together so organically. Just living our life and learning as we go.


We spent another day at Smuggs. This time it was at notchville park where there was a neat splash pad for the little kids. We basically had the place to ourselves. The other parts had a water slide, pool and a lily pad crossing for the older kids. I wasn't able to get any pictures of them today but they had lots of fun. Each time we go it is another adventure.

sunday smiles

chocolate olympics

We are taking full advantage of the libraries free summer programs. The overall theme is moving, since it is the year of the Olympics. The big boys had fun doing a chocolate obstacle course, sorting m&m's, stacking Oreos, guessing the correct candy and unwrapping Hershey kisses with an oven mitt. There was also a bit of trivia about chocolate. Always a good time when candy is involved. The two littles drew, made a bird feeder and watched their silly brothers. And we added another stamp to our passports!

7 hours on the water

We spent a full day at the lake this week. 7 Hours! It flew by since we were with friends and had kayaks and paddle boards to pass the time. Everyone had such a great time it was hard to leave. We were tired after a long day in the sun but as you can see everyone had such a great time. Harkin was so pleased with himself that he could paddle the kayak all by himself. His older brother was sweet to share. Oh, how I love summer days.
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