high fives

Harkin was being such a great big brother and helping Izzy as she put these puzzles together. He would tell her if she needed to turn the piece around and the area it should go. She really is quite good at them, just needs a little guidance. Once a puzzle was finished they were both so excited and would high five. It was so heart warming to listen to and observe.

busy hands

The littles have been enjoying the art cabinet on a daily basis while the big boys are busy with their lessons. However, this day they all joined in. Watching them all abstractedly create together was such fun.

storm stella

We ended up with about 4 feet of snow after 3 days of it falling steadily. Everyone was quite excited. We all stayed home and snuggled inside the first day and then headed out to play. Issabelle could not walk in it and as you can see she is not happy about. All the boys thought it was great fun and there has been igloo making, sledding and snowball fights. The temps have been staying on the cold side and we just got another foot of snow yesterday so we are still in the midst of winter. Loving every minute of it!!

four: dinner and presents

After a long day at the water park, Harkin still had lots of energy to come home and open presents from Grammy and Grampy. His excitement was so wonderful. Everything was just what he wanted "his whole life". Landon helped put a few things together and then it was dinner and cake! Harkin's request- Hamburgers, french fries, salad and apples. with a strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream cake. All was enjoyed. One last present of the day from us. An awesome digger. It was a super fun day for a very special four year old!

four: at the waterpark

Harkin was super excited to go to the water park. Even more so when we got there as he has grown since last year. He was able to go down the orange slide. One of the big ones that you had to climb the huge stairs to get to. He had such a great time and must have gone down at least 10 times. He had fun playing with Daddy and his brothers. Issabelle went around the lazy river a few times but overall she was taking it easy. She wasn't feeling to great that day. It was a good day for a four year old though.
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