christmas day

We had so much fun watching all the kids open presents. Issabelle loved the paper and everything Harkin opened was awesome. The big boys had a great time with their presents and even more fun passing theirs out to one another.  It was a relaxing day playing and hanging out with one another. Lots of game playing, reading and good food.

our tree

The boys have pretty much taken over the decorating. William  and Landon got it all set in place, put the lights on and then had fun hanging ornaments with Harkin. Harkin was SO excited about it all. He kept saying "I love this!" over and over. Issabelle just watched and checked it out. She would grab an ornament every now and again. She liked playing with the branches and feeling the needles. It was fun to watch them all work together to make our tree look so special.

all that glitter

Harkin was busy making presents before Christmas and I introduced him to glitter, He thought that was the best thing ever and had so much fun sprinkling it all over his ornaments. I had such a great time just watching him delight in the simple things. He helps me remember to slow down and just enjoy one another and the things that we can do at home.

gingerberad houses

For our last meet up of the year with our home school friends we gathered to make gingerbread houses. It was fun but the frosting was not working out so well. The kids became very creative in their attempts to make some sort of structure out if it all. They had fun and thought it was a tasty treat.

Merry Christmas

Hoping everyone had a great day. Ours was a good day at home enjoying watching the little ones having so much fun opening and playing with all their new stuff.


Dinners are pretty special around here, especially when it is the weekend and we know Daddy will be home. All the boys love to help make and prepare for our meals.
William made pizza for everyone one night.

Harkin was thrilled when I pulled this little cutter out and he could cut the veggies all by himself.  He felt so big.

Their little sister certainly loves eating what is served!!!
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