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On my shelf as the New Year begins tomorrow I have several books that I hope to read each morning during my quiet time.  I read Simple Abundance this past year by Sarah Ban Breathnach and really enjoyed it so I am looking forward to Something More and Romancing the Ordinary, also by her. 

When I make the effort to get up just a little bit earlier than everyone else and have those few precious moments to myself to wake up, read and take in some thoughts, my days seem calm and smooth. That is really what I am looking for this year.  A more quiet, calm and loving life with my family and friends.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to 2012!


We had some friends over for a visit today and after a bit of playing we decided to head to the local holiday train exhibit. We have been going several years now and it never gets old for the boys.  Every year it is like the first time they are seeing the trains and watching the marble run.  It is such fun to watch them and see the sparkle in their eyes.

lunch and bowling

A day out with friends whom we haven't seen since summer. School gets in the way! Anyways since it was vacation week we were  able to have  a lunch date and then off to an afternoon of bowling.  

I love how all these kids have not seen each other since the 4th of July, yet they all got along so well and had a great time.  I love hanging out with the moms, although the conversations are a constant of interruptions.  I  have know the moms for over 20 years. We only see each other a few times a year but it always seems just like yesterday we were together.  So glad that our own kids get along so well.

Photo Card

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weekending: Christmas Celebrations

We had a quiet, relaxing three days of family, good food, gift giving, and home.

last minute crafting(thanks Grammy)

 tree decorating
 dinner table, (set with lots of treasures from my mom and dad)

 Christmas morning
 waiting at the top of the stairs so patiently
 oh, the fun begins

They were good days just taking it all in.  Wonderful to have Daddy home and not be having to rush anywhere.  Times to cherish and remember.

Wrapping Up Numbers

We are all about using what we have and decorating our own paper.  I have had these Christmas stickers for over 7 years now.  I got a ton, I  mean really a ton, when some Odd Lot or something was closing down years ago. Anyways after deciding upon a ribbon, Landon wanted to decorate with stickers. (He just loves to stick.) 

As I sat there watching Landon wrap his present to William I was simply amazed.  It only reinforced the idea that there really is learning in everything. If you look closely (some are hiding behind the bow) you will see that he had to have equal amount of stickers in each box that the ribbon so perfectly made. 

He was making equal sets without using worksheets or any direction from me.  

I just love this life learning thing:)

Holiday Book Collection

I usually try and go to the library and stock up on holiday books for us to read.  I just didn't get to it this year, but as I went through our own bookshelves, I discovered we have quite a few of our own books to celebrate the season.

Every year we add one more to the collection. This year it was: The Cricket and The Shepherd Boy by Reg Down. We love all of his Tiptoes books and so I knew it would be a wonderful addition.  

Having our own collection is wonderful. Every year it is like reconnecting with an old friend whom we have not seen in awhile.  The boys look forward to reading them over every year.  The one book that is not pictured is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  I have it tucked away ready for Christmas Eve when Eric will do his traditional reading right before bed.  Our traditions are small gestures but they are ones that I hope the boys will remember fondly as they grow older.


A week has past and what have we been up to.  I worked last week which always makes the week a bit of a blur.  Then we were in VT over the weekend as will be the norm for the Winter.  

Trying to get ready for Christmas which has kinda sprung up on me. I always say I am going to be so ahead of the game and it just doesn't seem to work that way.  So we have been trying to enjoy this week. Anticipating the weekend with joy and not anxiety because I didn't get it all done. I have been telling the boys that I just can't do it ALL and that is OK.  

We have been reading by the fire, playing with trains for days, catching up on games, baking cookies,spending time with friends and stacking a whole lot of wood: building forts really

 Living life.  

a very creative day

We were home with our little lady friends that we babysit on occasion.  It was a busy and active day of such wonderful imagination and creativity.

There was kitchen play with a soup restaurant and a tea party.

A tepee with hunters and camp outs.

Painting like a professional as William puts it.

Sidewalk drawings with maps and scavenger hunts.


Pearler beads.

And lots of outside play.

Definitely a great day at home. 

Winter Weekends

After full days of skiing we get to come home to a place in the mountains.  Our home away from home for the Winter months.

It is a quiet place with a pretty amazing view.  I love walking Gritty at night because I can see thousands of stars. 

After a little snack the boys head back outside to play in the yard. 

It is quite the adventure for us.  

Take a close look at this next picture.  It is a wonderful view but if you look down by the road you will see our black Nissan at the bottom of the driveway.  Yep.  It is about a 1/4 mile walk up the driveway.  You could drive it if your car would make it but ours does not.  We tried. We ended up in a the ditch next to the driveway. AAA came and pulled us out. At 12:30 am. Quite the adventure.

Instead, we all get a bit of exercise trucking our stuff up to the house.  

It is loads of fun, especially when you are slipping all over the place because your Uggs have no traction, and a yellow hound dog is way too excited that she pulls you like a sled dog, but there is no sled.  Or you have to carry a 30 pound tub of dishes.  My sweet husband is wonderful! Not one was broken. Quite the adventure.(our new motto)

Through it all we are just happy to have place to sleep and be able to spend so much time in Vermont this Winter.  And of course we are making memories with lots of stories to add to our family's history:)

Happy Monday to all. Hope it's an adventure!
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