a show and hot chocolate

We had a special day out to go see Pete the Cat and then walked on church street to get some hot chocolate. It was a fun day and tasty too!

visits with santa

We were able to see Santa two times this year. One at our local dairy farm, which we love because it is so low key. Just us and Santa usually. Then he was at the library for their open house. The big boys were volunteering so we went and had cookies, a horse drawn wagon ride and another chance to remind Santa what our wishes were. Fun, fun, fun!

sunday smiles

train display

As one of our holiday events we go and visit the trains. I think this is the 3rd year we have gone and the kids just love it. They can sit there forever if I let them and just watch them go around and around. Since it is open only 2 times a year it makes it an extra special event every time.

cookie # 1

William had made the first cookies. A caramel chocolate thumbprint. It was a rather intricate cookie to make but tasted pretty good. He wasn't sure if it was worth all the hard work however.

daddy's favorite cookies

We have started a cookie challenge. I have this magazine filled with the 100 best cookies and one day casually said I would love to make all the cookies in there. My eldest son liked the idea the most and then all joined in. So far we have only made two. But the deal is that each child gets to make a cookie either with mommy or by themselves, since the two oldest don't really need my help. There are a few cookies that everyone wants to help with since they would be fun decorating. This was cookie number 2. Harkin had fun making them and rolling the dough in the sugar. He loved that it was one of Eric's favorites. Of course everyone had fun eating them.

crafty days

We have had several slow days at home which have been filled with Christmas crafting and making our wrapping paper. They all love to do this and I love how each piece is always unique when we wrap the presents. It's becoming a regular tradition.

decorating the house

Everyone has fun when we decorate. They each have their part and love every minute of it. I think the overall favorite are the gel clings. (my least ). Something new this year was that each child got their very own advent calendar, each day have a chocolate surprise.  This is a huge hit. They like to compare and see if the chocolate is different, but most days it is the same thing. There are big debates sometimes about just what it is. In the end I keep telling them it's chocolate so just enjoy!
We have been having a fun month counting down the days though. All very exciting.


The puzzle is finished!  6 days. Both boys worked hard on it. I helped only a little bit. William was the last one to put then final pieces on it, which he was happy about but Landon not so much. Oh, boys! Onto the next one....

treating their little sister

We had a rainy day to spend some time while Harkin was at his class. So we went somewhere we never do. The mall. It was super quiet since it was the middle of the week. Issabelle saw the rides they have and so wanted to do it. Landon had some cash on him, as I did not, and spoiled his little sister. She thought it was super cool. (the boys did too). The little things.

old school

Eric has been waiting for this day to come. When on of his boys were big enough to wear his old woollies. They are great for the snow. William thought they were really cool. He is looking way too grown up here. My baby....

some learning activities

Landon learned about Northern Lights and made a project displaying how they worked. William read a really cool book all about Google and then made a poster report to share with us.

Since September the two little ones have had an art class with their friends. We started at the library and then have decided to move here. It makes life easier when they are done. More space and time to play afterwards. Also the big boys can then hang out with their friends, the siblings of the littles. It has been a lot of fun and Harkin and Issabelle so look forward to it.

Our days can be tough sometimes but the benefits and joy we get from being able to share in their learning makes it all worth it. I love how so much of their learning is self directed. It makes it much more enjoyable for them and interesting too.

We have had a good fall of studies which is making me feel good and this month of December we may take a bit of a break and do a bit more of the projects and fun.
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