Apple Blossom

The boys have started a new program one day a week. It is a way to see some of our friends on a more regular basis.  It is an art enrichment program. They are doing woodworking, watercolor painting and eurythmy, which is a movement activity.  They seem to enjoy it and are not telling me about their woodworking project- it's a surprise they say.  I have a few hours to myself. I am hoping to spend time knitting, writing, reading and visiting with the mommies(my friends) on occasion.

A is for Annika

We celebrated this sweet little girl this past weekend. 2 years old already!  William and Landon just adore her and have so much fun entertaining her.  She just loves having all the attention and giggles with delight!

opening day

Landon has waited anxiously for the season to begin. Today was only pictures and hanging with his team but still super exciting for him.  The countdown to the first game begins. 

otters and the farm

We went to a program all about Otters yesterday. 

We learned many interesting facts about otters and had the opportunity to watch the instructor feed the otters and see them do tricks.

Afterwards we walked about the farm seeing all the new babies. Goats just 5 days old!

Then there was a wonderful young man who explained about a new program they have for homeschoolers. This peaked William's interest. He many just possibly become a junior animal keeper. Learning how to feed and care for their exotic animals.

And of course there was time for playing at one of our favorite playgrounds.

Grampy's Grand Adventure

The boys took Grampy on a two hour hike last week. Being from Florida, Grampy isn't used to the steep hikes. I was a bit worried, but the boys managed to bring him home all in one piece. (there was long napping afterwards, with a bit of snoring going on :)

inventing games

I guess my passion for creating our own entertainment has seriously paid off. One morning while on our walk Will decided to make his own hopscotch game. It was a very detailed game. Grammy spent about an hour that afternoon with him while they drew and wrote all the things they had to do.  I love how he is learning that he can create anything he puts his mind to.

cupcake toppers

We celebrated a bit more of Landon turning 6.  His Aunt made these cute toppers just for him.

Super Saturday

first soccer game
 airplane flying
 pirate ship building

 Volcano Erupting

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