a little magic

Issabelle got selected at one of the library programs  to be a helper. She was thrilled. She did a little magic and turned a plain scarf into a rainbow scarf. She also got her own magic wand which was a big hit.

steamy summer days

We've been making it to the lake about once a week this summer. It has been a relief from the hot weather we have been having. Looking to reach 90* this weekend.

The kids all have a great time in the water and on the shore together. It still makes me smile every time.

super 16

My first baby is sixteen!!! He is such an amazing young man. Caring, sensitive, helpful and super fun. We had a great day celebrating him in Canada!  We went to a trampoline place and then out to dinner. It was really fun. He actually said it was one of his best birthdays.

We have had an amazing ride so far and am excited to see where life will take him next.
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