february notes

So February started off pretty good but the last two and half weeks we have been hibernating with illnesses. Really bad colds, the flu, ear infections and mastitis. It really hasn't been too much fun, but there has been lots of snuggles, reading, and playing with our favorite toys.  We are hoping to get back out into the world soon and do some spring skiing, joining back with rock climbing and our last archery session. Not to mention the libraries. We are running out of books. Also looking forward to week of Daddy being home:)


Our little guy turned three yesterday! THREE!!! I still can't believe how quickly time is going by and how much of a little man he is. He was very excited for it to be his birthday - his big brothers really got him pumped up about it. He woke up saying "It's my birthday" and then of course everyone came in to wish him well and the present opening began. We dispersed them throughout the day so he could have time to play with what he opened before a new one was given.

As for his activity all he wanted to do was play golf. We found an indoor activity center that had mini-golf, lazer tag, bumper cars, arcade games, mini-bowling and a playscape. He was very thrilled with it all.  We came home late in the afternoon to rest and play with the new toys and then had dinner and cake. It was  a chocolate zucchini cake:) He doesn't eat too many veggies so I need to get them in somehow. Anyways it was quite the day and we all had a fun time.

And now we have this amazingly funny sweet three year old in the house.

valentine's day

The big boys had their ski club. The rest of us stayed home and relaxed and made cherry cake. We had a nice yummy family dinner when everyone got home. It was a pretty mellow day and ended with those we love dearly. All the boys made valentines for one another which Harkin thought was just so awesome.


This month chess club came to an end. Everyone received a medal for participation and then William played in a tournament and came in third place for his age group.

Landon has been shooting super straight and has gone up two levels in archery.  They are both working hard and are proud of their achievements. (so are mom and dad)

crazy dress up girl

Issabelle is loving dressing up. She wants to put everything on at once. It is the sweetest thing when she brings it over to you asking for help. The big boys have fun putting things on her and Harkin is always ready to share his stuff. Then one day this pink thing came in the mail. We are all not too sure of what it was suppose to be exactly- you can see she is a little hesitant but still cute. We are not good at this princess thing- knights, cowboys and super heroes are more out thing, but we'll keep on trying.

new slips

These little feet are growing and have gone through two pairs of Harkin's old slippers. She puts a hole by the toe, she does where them every day, all day. So I got her very own pair. These were her first ones I bought just for her.  They are the best slippers around. Stay on the feet and are filled with sheepwool. SO very cozy for those little feet.

mardi gras

The boys attended their first Mardi Gras party a few weeks ago. It was great to see all of our friends and run around and play. They did watch a short video to learn about he history of Mardi Gras and ate jambalaya and king cake, my girlfriend has is fed exed straight from New Orleans!

baby genius

Working on her numbers while her big brothers work on their lesson work. She's almost caught up to them:)

This is one of her new favorite things to do these days. Then she figured out how to slip them down the crack between the tower and the counter so they fall to the floor and she was so proud of herself. Loves to make Mama pick them up for her. I am not overly fond of this little game you could say. But then her big brother comes to the rescue!


We had a late night last night so I thought we could have a slow morning. It was all going well, the kids were playing in the hallway and their bedrooms for quite a bit. Then Issabelle and William got into a little tiff. She wanted something she could not have and let William know she was not happy. I came in and swooped her up, changed her and while up on the changing table I was telling her that she did not need to yell at William and throw the cards all over the place. That is wasn't very nice and she ought to really say she was sorry to Will. I put her down in our room. He was in Harkin's room. She walked straight to him, held out her arms and climbed into his lap. She was saying her sorry. I am continually amazed at what she can comprehend. William was pretty surprised himself.

Once we had breakfast I was in cleaning mode. We did not get as much done as I had hoped. I feel like I am always playing catch up. But I suppose that is the season I am in right now. The boys desperately needed to get outside and Izzy needed a nap. That was all well and good. When she woke up, we went out to see what they were all up to. She was a stuffed marshmallow in her snowsuit but was so happy to be able to walk outside. She finally got a decent pair of boots she could wear outside. It was good to get fresh air and we all felt a bit rejuvenated.

Inside there was lunch, play, a few lessons and Daddy came home early. We all tried to be quiet as he needed a nap( he was up at 4:00am) That kinda didn't go so well and there were several tears happening in the late afternoon.  Dinner was better and we were all happy to eat with Eric. Landon got these table talk cards with his kidstir subscription. We were having fun answering questions of all kinds.

Harkin and Issabelle fell asleep rather quickly and I played a game with the boys. Libraries are now lending games to try out, which is awesome. We played for over an hour. It was a pretty fun game. Ticket to Ride. It was what I needed with my big boys. We had tried in the afternoon but the tears and crankiness got in the way.

The week has ended and overall it was a good one. Looking forward to relaxing tomorrow and maybe some skiing on Sunday.
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