Uncle Ed and Aunt Kathy

 My brother and sister-in-law came for a weekend visit. It was filled with some great times and late nights. I haven't had a chance to really hang out with them in so long. I went to school in California and spent many days and nights at their house, hanging with their kiddos, so it was neat they got to see mine.

They came with a huge box filled with surprises. The boys were overjoyed!! They had to wait a whole night before they could actually use the cars. Then the first thing in the morning they were ready to drive.

It was over all too soon. The boys were sad to see them leave. We wish they could have stayed longer and hope to do again one day.

2 months

Harkin is 2 months old already! (last wednesday, 4-24)

some things about this sweet miracle

12lbs 6 oz. and 24 inches long

laughing, cooing and smiling all the time
turns his head when he hears your voice
recognizes everyone in our family
hangs out with his big brothers every morning in their room
loves when his brothers hold him and talk to him
is great to snuggle with
sleeps through lots of noise
wraps his sweet tiny fingers around my finger knowing I'm his Mama
kicks and wiggles his arms, almost rolling over sometimes
loves to fall asleep on Daddy's chest
holds is arms up in the air like he is cheering
enjoys taking showers with Dad
so comfortable in the ergo and sling, right next to mama's heart
sleeps a good 6 hour stretch most nights

is the most wonderful addition to our family


I put together a cute little album for Great Gram. It was quick and easy and made me want to scrapbook so much more. I have not spent too much time doing it lately. Hoping to make it a goal for the summer. While the boys play outside, Harkin sleeps and I scrapbook!!! I love looking at all of the albums and so do the boys. However I am so behind in years. All our pictures are on the computer. I need to get them into albums soon!

too quiet

The boys decided to try out a vacation camp this week. So that left Harkin, Jaxson and I to hang out. We walked. We wandered. We cleaned. We rested. We played some. My days were good but it was too quiet without the boys. I was always looking over my shoulder for them. 

I also could not do the morning routine every day. Just getting everyone up and out of the house is crazy. We like our slow mornings around here. The boys have had fun and met some local kids.

Now we are heading into a fun filled weekend with a visit from my brother and sister-in-law. All the way from California!

signs of spring

The weather has been delightful this week and there have been many hours spent outside. (which is normal anyways, but it felt so nice with the spring air). We are seeing flowers and buds beginning to bloom. The boys have built several fairy house throughout the yard and woods.

Then their is the last picture. My favorite. It is a M for mom. Landon just loves to create and came up with this all his own. He got a few pricks, since he was using vines with thorns on them, but had so much fun.

Sunday at the skatepark

The boys have been itching to find a skate park to check out. Our dirt road and driveway doesn't lend itself to easy rolling of wheels. We did manage to find one, although it is not close. Actually it is right down the street from where Eric works. 45 minutes away. So we planned a day of it on Sunday. We went to the mall very quickly and then off to skate. Even Eric gave it a go.

ski party

Saturday was the end of the season banquet for the boys' ski club. One of the families hosted the party in their barn. So beautiful. The boys played with their friends and we had a buffet style dinner. Then there were some awards. They both received one for participation and then Landon received one for sportsmanship out of the whole club. He was excited and it is nice to know that while we are not around , my kids are good kids.  It was a fun season and already looking forward to next winter.

all about the baby

Photos of our sweet little babe who is growing so fast.

in the kitchen

The boys have been busy in the kitchen baking lots of treats. Some for us, some for their coaches as a way to say thank you. William basically needs little to no help. For Landon I guide him and it is great way for us to spend some one on one time together. We end up with so many yummy foods.

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