last day of her year

Today is the last day I will have a one year old. She is the silliest one we have - and very stubborn as well. Wants to be so independent just like her brothers. But the joy she has brought to all of us is just wonderful. Everyone is so very excited to celebrate with her tomorrow. Be back with the updates of the day.

extracting DNA

We spent a morning last week doing forensic science activities and then extracting real DNA from a strawberry. It was pretty awesome to actually be able to see it. Landon had a great time. We are continuing our studies this week with a little more research on DNA and building a few models.

sunday smiles

A bit of a January thaw. Our snow has melted away:( But we can still have fun in the mud!

creating this week

Lots of good stuff going on. We started the week with fun cotton balls that were actually the snow coming down. Such a simple activity but the two of them had tons of fun and thought it was so neat to use cotton balls. Nice and soft they said.

Harkin created a cape for an orphan. We are using a new subscription crate that makes things for a charity organization. I wasn't sure how it would go but he got the concept and understood what we were doing. We talked a lot  about it and he helped mail it, so there was plenty of involvement.

Landon was busy making Issabelle a birthday present. She was watching but doesn't realize it is for her.

Today while the big boys were skiing we kept busy making a penguin bowling set and then just tinkering on our own with their cool new pencil cases filled with neat stuff.

We certainly keep busy around here. Everyone hits the pillow hard and tries to get a full nights rest.😃

the first days of 2017

Hard to believe we are 2 weeks into the new year. With nothing much on our calendar we have been spending most days at home. It has been pretty awesome.

Games have been played and invented. Harkin learned how to play backgammon and absolutely loves it! He wants to play every chance he can manage to find an opponent willing to play. He loves when it works out in his favor of course, but is learning you can't always win.

Issabelle and I have had Sunday afternoons to ourselves. They have been quiet, filled with crafting, stickers and snuggle time. Really quite nice.

We started a puzzle and are almost done. We love these- they have so many cool facts on them- definitely a learning experience.

Some tinkering has been going on. Landon made a levitating pencil holder. Learning all about magnets and the poles. He really enjoys his monthly boxes. Very neat activities each time.

Plenty of cold fresh air with some exploring or a bit of driveway ice hockey.

A few day have gotten us out to the mountain and a couple of  performances in Burlington.

That's about it but it is just right for us at the moment.

sunday smiles

balancing act

This afternoon while Harkin and Daddy were suppose to be resting they started a game to see how many blocks Harkin could stack on Daddy's hand without them falling off. As soon as Issabelle woke up she wanted to join the fun. They were seeing who could stack the most blocks before they came tumbling down and almost hitting Daddy in the head. I think Harkin ended it with 13 blocks.
It was a fun playtime with Daddy- as these two look forward to is so much during the week.

early birthday celebrating

Issabelle received a baby doll for Christmas and fell in love with her. She carries her all over the place and sleeps with her every night. It was just perfect then that Grammy and Grampy gave her an early birthday present. A handmade cradle with a blanket that matches hers. Grampy made the cradle while Grammy did the sewing. She is a very lucky girl. It is all so beautiful.

adventuring with grampy

We sent all 4 to the woods with Grampy but only 2 came back- Just kidding! Grampy was great taking them out to see the fort with snowshoes and even Jax had gone with them. They just love their Grampy.💗

first ski day

New Year's Day marked the beginning of our ski season. All the boys headed to the mountain to get some runs in. The boys have their ski club on Sundays while Harkin and Eric get an afternoon to themselves. He was so excited to ski. He had been counting down the days until it was real winter(the solstice)- then skiing would begin. I can't believe how big he is. Ready to head down the mountain all by himself!! Izzy and I will be joining them soon.

play play play

Our days with Grammy and Grampy were spent at the house playing game after game. Although Issabelle had some play dough sneak in. It was such fun and there was learning going on all the time. We found this new game- 20 questions for the older group and it kept us laughing throughout the evening.

With nothing on the agenda our days seem to last forever and it was so relaxing. I am trying to take that into account for the new year. I want more relaxing, less stress, days at home, with lots of games thrown in.
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