grilled cheese

William is trying out his skills more and more in the kitchen. He wants to enter a contest for grilled cheese, so he was testing his recipe for dinner one night.
Sourdough bread, cheddar cheese, avocado, bacon, pastrami and turkey.

It was tasty for sure.

fairbanks museum, dog mountian and little bit of sweeteness

We decided we needed a day out so we went adventuring across the state.  The drive there was eventful to begin with. As we headed across Jay there was a bit of a snowstorm. Roads were a bit slippery. Then once we were out of the high altitudes, Harkin got sick. He was fine afterwards, so I chalked it up to car sickness. Later in the weekend we would know it was a bug of some sort.

Back to our destinations.

First stop: The Fairbanks Museum
A nice little natural history museum. Boys had fun looking at all the animals and artifacts. William and Landon really took their time and soaked quite a bit of information. Harkin just thought it was cool going around the loops.

Second Stop: Dog Mountain.
A place where dogs could run around and be free. Then there was a chapel that was dedicated to all the pets of the past. We wrote a note to Gritty.
This was all made possible by the artist Stephen Huneck. It was interesting.

Third Stop: Maple Grove Sugar House
A small little museum about sugaring and then a gift store where the ladies were so nice to the boys. They each got their own sample of maple syrup and then a taste of pure maple sugar candy. This was a big hit.

Then we headed back home taking a different route, hoping Harkin would be OK. He did not get sick again but definitely wasn't feeling too good. I still thought it was car sickness, but then three days later he was sick again for a few days. So we caught something . He is on the mend and we are getting outside more this week.

p.s. Issabelle basically slept the whole day. She was so good in the car, which was a relief to everyone.

sunday in the woods

We are beginning to get some nicer weather, so we headed into the woods for a family hike. It was nice and quiet, pretty much like it always is here. We have been going to the same place since we have moved here and have never run into any other hikers. It is so strange I think, but I like it. Feels like we own the woods.

knitted pants

I knitted Issabelle a pair of pants. Something I have never made before. They are really cute, I just don't think they are going to fit her for long. Maybe they can be a kinda capri under a sundress as she grows. We'll see. The part around the ankle may not fit around her thighs. She does happen to have very chunky legs- but oh, so cute.

surprise celebration

As part of Landon's birthday celebrations we surprised him with a party at the bowling alley with his friends. He was so excited. He thought we were going to the Dr's and then when we got to the bowling alley I just told him we were meeting our friends there. It wasn't until we got inside did he know it was a party for him. Everyone had a great time.

Harkin thought it was pretty neat that he got to do what the big kids did. He even got a higher score than Landon:)

Landon was thrilled to have had a party. We don't do one every year so it was very special.


We woke to 3 inches of snow. Yes! Snow! But I guess when you live as far north as we do it is something to expect.

archery tournaments

The boys had another session of archery in the early spring and also participated in two tournaments. William received a second place trophy at one of them.

They both are really enjoying this sport.  It is not one I would have ever thought to get involved in if we were not living in the area we are. I am so glad that they have shown an interest in this. The program is amazing and they both are doing very well with it.

the big green egg

Eric's boss surprised him with a gift for all of his hard work.   It is a smoker that cooks things incredibly fast. Each weekend we have tried out a different recipe. It is very cool and delicious.. the food that is.

kite making

The winds have been blowing around here and the boys wanted to try out making their own kites. This was Will's test kite. It was a neat idea he said, but it didn't really fly. At least he tried and is always learning.

a gooey mess

The boys were experimenting one morning with glue, cornstarch and borax. They had a fun time and also were learning about how different solids and liquids reacted together.

Another one of our fun days at home.

nine times around the sun

Landon turned 9 years old last week! I am in awe that he is so big. It always seemed to me that he was going to be my little guy. Not so anymore. He is growing into such a sweet loving young man.

He has been dying to go rollerblading. Luckily a brand new skating rink opened not too far away. We headed there in the morning and being a week day, pretty much had the place to ourselves. All the boys had a great time. I was able to skate for a little bit, but Issabelle wasn't too happy with all the lights and the music. She just wanted Mama to hold her. But I had fun watching everyone.

We came home to relax, open presents and bee-bee shoot. That is what my young man wanted.
Daddy made dinner- burgers, french fries, and Cesar salad. And of course the cake. Shortcake with cream and blueberries. We don't stray too much from the regular.
Then a movie to top off the day.

It was a grand day. Wishing my sweet boy a wonderful year of being nine!
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