Growing up one of my favorite Fall activities was going to the fair.  It always fell right around my birthday so it was something I associated with the big day.  It's a great fair for animals, crafts, exhibits and of course rides.  We have gone almost every year since we have been married. The year I was pregnant with William I remember walking down the food rows craving almost everything I could, ending up with sausage and peppers.  Will's pregnancy was a meat eating one.

With the kids we have gone on and off, but now that they are older I can manage the day by myself.  So instead of fighting the weekend crowds, we went on Friday.  I never imagined we would spend the entire day there but time just flew by. 6 hours!  The boys were old enough to get wrist bands this year - a huge deal for them.  So we took our time and had fun. We saw animals, listened to music, rode lots of rides, checked out the photography exhibit, crafts, and ate.   One of the highlights was seeing pig races.  William picked out the winning pig and got to go up and get a blue ribbon.  He was thrilled with this.  

I really cherished this day with my boys and hope it will start a tradition.

first soccer game

Landon had his very first soccer game over the weekend. He was just so excited to be playing a real game.  It is such a cute game to watch at this stage. They all basically just swarm to the ball and try their best to give it a kick.  But doesn't he just look so cool in his uniform?  

He loved playing goalie.


We just love the library. 

Today we did something a little different. After spending all day at home enjoying cleaning, cooking,  and playing, we went to the library at night. This was a big deal "Wow, we're out really late", Landon says, although it is really only 7:00, but it is getting darker these days.

I was able to register William for a program about balance. They read a story and talked about balance and made a balancing clown which is a huge success.

While he was in class Landon and I scoured the book shelves, we were looking for a book on Sabertooth Tigers.  Once discovered, we also saw books on all wild cats and had to get one of each.  Then we found a series of short chapter books that we are going to read before rest time.  The Mercy Watson books.  They had 5 out of 6 books. I tried to convince him just to get the first two. We will be back at the library next week. "But Mom, what if someone takes them?  We need to put a hold on #4" (it was not there). There was no stopping this child.  We continued to get all sorts of books, and each time he found one it was like he discovered a great treasure (which I think he did). He would yell, "Look at this one or I just have to get this".

When William's class was over, Landon ran and told him all the new books he discovered and then Will was picking out his discoveries.  

At one point a young girl ask what all the books were for. The boys just looked at her and said "To read".  Landon continues with, "I read in my head."

I have had a rule. You can take out as many books as you can carry in your bag. Well, I now walk out of the library with 5 bags full of books. My arm muscles are getting their workout.  I think we checked out 100 books or so.  Sigh.


We had our first pottery class today. The boys were thrilled.

We had a chance to play with the clay and learn some new terms......

"wedge your clay"

"make positive and negative pieces"

Towards the end of class, groups of kids put their pieces together to make one sculpture and then had fun naming the designs.

"Football Bridge"

It was a great class- the boys just can't stop talking about it and they have so many ideas for future creations.

Who doesn't love playing with clay?.. even mama got to play with some.

stories coming to life

This morning as I was getting ready to run and the boys were beginning their play, Landon has a definite idea in his head.

"Mom where is the Peter book, the one with the egg in it that falls."  

Now we have been reading all of BILL PETE books at night, which they have been loving, so I know what he is referring to: The Ant and the Elephant. I help Landon find the book and then stand back and watch what his plan is.

He sits. He searches the book and then "Oh yeah, that's who comes next"  He has all his little animals set around his room reenacting the story. Mind you, a bunny is the elephant, an armadillo the turtle and so on. He doesn't care that his animals really don't match what they should be. They are like that in his little head. 

I just smile as I finish tying my shoes. He's got it all together and is really loving the stories. He has made a connection.. one that I hope will last a life time with books.


Patterns and Designs

Fairy Houses

time off

I was in such a role, blogging every day and had high hopes of continuing the streak.  But exhaustion kicked in. The past few nights I have been quite the night owl- not on purpose- I just can't seem to sleep all night. I am up from 12- 4 and then I crash hard and the mornings have been so slow. Which then throws our day a bit off. I haven't felt like much of anything but we did have commitments.  So I shall share a bit of yesterday.....

Our first art class at the Florence Griswold Museum.  We toured the Galleries for a bit and then headed back to make our own art like Sol Lewitt.  The artist we were studying for the day.  We made our own conceptual art.

Sturbridge Village

We went to Sturbridge Village today to join in their homeschooling day.  We took a few classes, made some neat crafts and played games.  It was  a great hands on introduction to Colonial Days. The boys enjoyed themselves and ramble on and on about their day to Daddy when we got home.  I love that they are so excited to tell about what they did in "school" for the day.

We made our own split rail fence.Making a tin candle holder.Dipping our own candles.Preparing apples for drying.We rode a real stagecoach! 
Baking gingersnap cookies in a tin reflector oven using  a fire.Hoop races.Doing a bit of work for the potter. 

It is so fun to watch them experience these activities.  We were so busy that we hardly got a chance to check out the whole place, another visit soon is in order.
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