campfire and s'mores

We spent a night at the campground with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ed. There was dinner, drinks and s'mores. The big boys spent the night in the camper with their aunt and uncle and cousin. They had an early start for the beach in the morning.

random shots from CA

Spending time in the pool, by the beach and with family fun and relaxing.

best beach day

The boys and daddy got to the beach at 8:15. They were ready for a full day of surfing. We joined them about an hour later and then Auntie Linda, Uncle Joe, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Ed and Austin came for the rest of the day. We just chilled and played in the water. It was a pretty fun day. The waves were good and there was no rest for my boys. They were in the water ALL day. The boards had to be returned by 5:00 so that was the only reason they left.
We were all worn out with sun and water. We had take out for dinner and fell fast asleep!

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