box day

As part of our learning days we receive several subscription boxes a month. We usually pick one day a week when we have nothing else going on and call it "box day".  Some of the boxes have several activities that can take a few days to complete, so we then will work on it throughout the week.

William was studying ancient India when he used Henna paste to make tattoos on his forearms. (history unboxed subscription)

Then there are the Kiwi crate line of boxes. William tried out a variety of watercolor techniques to make a calendar. (Doodle Crate) Landon made a draw-bot and then used it to create several large murals. Also he was studying moving pictures the week before. (Tinker Crate) Harkin was studying reptiles and made his own snake.(Koala Crate) Issabelle felt a bit left out and wanted to create just like her brothers so she was given some paint. As you can see she decided to try it out on her face. She is a sneaky girl.

So far we have been very happy with these boxes. I think they give you a lot of activities for the price. All three boys get excited when they come in the mail.

sunday smiles


One box of lots of stickers, plenty of paper and a patient big brother equals lots of fun. The three of them spent almost an hour just sticking and making collages. By the time they were done, Issabelle had learned how to peel the stickers off herself. It always amazes me how such simple things can keep them happy.

what's wrong

Wearing big brothers boots that are as tall as his own little legs. He could just barely walk. The silliness that happens each day around here.

the homestead

Landon spent an afternoon building a wonderful little homestead. He got to play with it for a day before the tornado of a little sister came along.

mlk day dinner out

An extra day! Eric had the day off and we decided after being home all day to get out of the house and take a drive, during a snowstorm, to try out a new place to eat. We had a back room all to ourselves and the boys had fun playing darts. Dinner was fine, but the company was the best. Aren't the onlookers the cutest little things??

the night before one

I finished little lady's crown just in time. One last photo right before she goes to bed as a "baby". Tomorrow she will turn one and officially be a toddler!!:(
The boys are pretty excited about her birthday and can't wait to give her presents and eat cake.

a full day of baking

William was in the mood to bake. He picks out a recipe from one of my pioneer woman cookbooks and begins. This happened to be the holiday cookbook so as he is going along he tells me he is making 30 sweet rolls and needs about 5 pie plates. I wasn't really sure what we were going to do with all these rolls and where we were going to put them all. It took him all day to make the dough, let it rise and then bake and make the frosting. They came out absolutely delicious, although he wasn't totally happy with them. We ended up with four plates full. I froze them individually and they are a great snack for when we are skiing.  I love how he is so willing to try new things - and they are usually pretty tricky recipes. He is really a pretty awesome baker and I do hope he continues to bake and maybe one day open up a shop if he still desires too.

crafting at the counter

Harkin really loves our this little corner of our counter. It is right near the fire so it is warm on these cold wintry days. He has gotten into making things. One week it was play dough every day, the next we were collaging bits and pieces. It is so much fun to watch him just have fun with the materials.

serious play at the library

The boys have been part of a chess club since the middle of December, Each week they go and play about three games each against other kids. This week the top chess player from Vermont came to play all the kids at once. He would make a move and then move onto the next kid so then each kid had a bit if time to think about their move and then move when Dave came back to them.

I was very impressed with my boys. I think each of them surprised themselves a bit. Landon stayed in for a good long while. He came in 11th out of about 25 kids. William was the last one standing. He didn't beat Dave, but no one was going to do that. It was to challenge yourself and to see how long you could stay in the game.

I was never exposed to chess growing up so I think this is pretty awesome that they can play. Eric plays with them on occasion and I have been trying to learn, but too often forget the rules of play. It needs some serious concentration and right now I am a bit short on that. One day perhaps.  For now I will leave it to the boys.

The two little ones spend their time reading books and playing games with Mama while their big brothers play chess.

sunday smiles

at the mountian

Although we are not buried in snow, it is slowly piling up. I am determined to get the boys to the mountain at least once during the week. We have gone twice so far and it is working out really well. Harkin is on skis. William and Landon are a huge help and have taught him how to turn, make a pizza to slow down, french fries to go fast and Harkin can get on the magic carpet all by himself. He even did a jump the last time we went and felt pretty awesome about it. I have Issabelle on my back and when the big boys head off to the upper mountain I ski with Harkin. We are having lots of fun and Izzy is really such a trooper. Once Harkin is pretty sure of himself I think we will be ready to get little miss up on skis.
We don't ski all day and in between there is this great family room we hang out in. We bring toys, books and lots of snacks to make it through the day. It really is pretty awesome to be only 25 minutes from the mountain.  Think Snow!!!!!

girl power

Issabelle came to me with Harkin's  mask and cape and handed it to me, basically asking for me to put it on. It was so darn cute. She was so excited to be wearing it. Harkin was great to share. William will be busy making his little sister her own I do believe. (He made Harkin's for Christmas.)

sneaky lady

After dinner tonight everyone was having brownies. Issabelle decided it was time for her to have a try. She got up on the step stool and stole a piece before her mama could say no. It was a tiny piece but was she ever proud of herself.  She is very quick to catch on to what is going on and wants to do whatever her big brothers are doing. We are going to have our hands full....

11 months

It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks this little lady will be one! She is fully walking and climbing up onto everything. When she figured out how to stand on the step stool and look over the counter she was so pleased with herself. She loves chasing the boys around and doing everything they do- or at least wants to. She says Mama, Dada, hi, more, and what we think may be William. She understands tons and is so much fun to play with. Showing her things is great. She learns it so very quickly. I love how she runs to the door every time it opens. She wants to get outside, or when Daddy comes home, she'll go running to see him. When we snuggle in bed for milk she starts giggling and gets so excited for what is to come. She gives awesome hugs and waves bye-bye or hi. Learning to do her chores she helps with the laundry every morning as I hand her the clothes to put in the dryer. It takes a bit longer but it is so awesome to watch her be so very proud of herself for helping. She has a total of 4 teeth with two more slowly coming in so our nights have been tough with the teething.

I am not sure what my favorite thing is about her right now-- there is too much to love-- but I know the crazy hair is up there!!
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