new wheels

Harkin awoke Saturday morning to find this new little balance bike in our kitchen . He was beyond excited- speechless for a moment actually. There was not much else done that day except the riding of the bike. He had it mastered in only a few short hours. A few crashes and lots of times around the driveway. Him and Issabelle were having races with stops in between to pick a few flowers. Issabelle is pretty happy herself now that she has the trike all to herself. They make a pretty good team these two.
By days end there were a few scratches but mostly on the bike and not on the rider.

one last hurrah

Having seasons passes gives us little perks. Since there was no snow left on the mountain, season pass holders got to go to the water park for free. We took advantage of it and spent the day there yesterday. Everyone had such a great time, so much fun that I didn't have too much time to take many pictures. I did get Harkin going down the blue slide. His big brothers had been trying to get him to go all last time we were there, and it was  always no but this time it was a yes. He had so much fun and was pretty proud of himself. Issabelle was super cute and loved the slide and water fountains. The boys were off on the big slides and lazy river most of the day. We met friends there so it was a good day that tired everyone out.

sunshine and smiles

Unlike today(it snowed), last week brought some beautiful spring weather. We hit two playgrounds and also a driving range for William while Landon was at riding lessons. Playgrounds are a big treat around here since most of them are at schools we can't go to them during the day while school is in session. Being that it was spring break last week we were able to enjoy ourselves. It makes me feel badly that my two little ones hardly get to a playground but then again they have our own natural one in the backyard. We have fun at home climbing trees and jumping over logs and such. But did they have fun with the slides and swings!

slow sunday

We had a pretty mellow day yesterday. Just hanging out at home, enjoying the warm weather. It was slow but so full of good activities. Checking out some new chairs, golf, raking, picking flowers, making and selling lemonade- he made almost 7.00 just at the end of our driveway, and we live on a dirt road without too much travel.  William was busy with his own project, which when finished we'll share.
Such a special time watching the two little ones pick flowers, they were so into it, so much so that Harkin told me all he wanted to do today was pick more flowers. So sweet. He gave a bunch to everyone in the family.

We have been pretty busy during the weeks lately that it is nice to not have much to do on the weekends but relax and be home with Eric.

miss independent

Issabelle wants to do everything by herself these days and has a good time doing it. Her big brothers think she is kinda crazy, but she doesn't bother with them.
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