Pumpkins and Treats

We had a wonderful day of pumpkin picking,

pumpkin carving,

and pumpkin treating.

Happy Halloween!

A Day of Us

After a week with friends, rain, car troubles we welcomed a calm day of just us. We woke slowly, did a few errands and then picked up Gritty and headed to a local trail for a nice quiet hike. It was peaceful and connected us back to one another. The rest of the day just sort of flowed all nicely together and we are anxiously awaiting tomorrow. With Halloween - plus we get to spend the day with Grampy! It's been almost a year and a half since the boys have seen him. They are sooo excited!

A Big Fat LEMON!

O.K. I am going to vent just a little. This Halloween it will be 4 years since we bought my car. It was a new car, so things should be good. It was the first time I had a brand new one and was very excited. I remember the first time I drove it- it was like riding in a space ship or something.

It was also a the mark of a new road in our life. Our family of three was was expanding and so we needed the family car- a mini-van, which I swore I never would buy. However, I trust my husband and went with what he thought was a good idea. And it has been. There is always so much room for everything. Its great for road trips. Everyone has lots of room , including Gritty.

My one problem- it has given us lots of problems. It seems that we are always having an issue every three months or so. And so, once again it happened today. Now we were only right down the street so luckily we could actually walk home. Still not exactly sure of the problem but thinking it is less than we originally thought, which is a good thing.

So although it was a bit frustrating today, I am actually thankful. One- that it is just something small and two- that we were close to home. Try to be positive and look for the good in things, right?

Thanks for listening! Promise I won't do it too often.


We howled with Wolves today!

Wee Faerie Village

Today we went on a magical journey to a little village of Faerie's. We first enjoyed a tea party with story.

However, the boys weren't too sure about it at first.
But there were cute table decorations,tempting treats, or so they thought (actually decorations).

Ah, then the goodies arrived.
With tea to follow.

But still too many girls, William said. Actually all girls, who were dressed as faeries.
(In 10 years he will think differently-yikes!)

Finally, we headed out to the village and saw all the houses. There were 32 different ones.
We share some of our favorites.

We had a chance run through the "Rambles"

And make our own houses.
After lunch they decided they wanted to go around again.
They wanted to study the houses some more- there are plans for making some here in our backyard.

It was a beautiful day to spend outdoors.

The freedom of our life!
Oh- and we thought we caught a tiny glimpse of a faerie.
Plus, when we got home William called the faeries on the phone- and they told him all about their houses.
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