first snow 11-10-17

We had our first snow of the season. It was just a dusting but everyone was super excited and wanted to spend the day outside. Thankfully we had a break in the hunting season and could head into the woods for a walk. The two big ones stayed behind to work on their fortress in the woods while we headed up the hill. It was a cold one but so invigorating to be out in the fresh air. The fires have started, along with the splitting and stacking of wood. So we are almost officially into winter!

trick or treat

Halloween night found us in town walking quite a bit more this year than we have in the past. The two mouse's were very excited about the whole thing and the two big brothers were sweet and helpful to make it fun. Candy was eaten and shared and all was well.

pumpkin carving

After a yummy breakfast out, we were on the great pumpkin hunt. We past three places before we finally stopped and settled on the ones we liked. (Well, what Daddy would approve). It was a rainy afternoon, so perfect for carving. All the kids had fun cleaning out the insides and then making their faces. Landon and Will did theirs entirely on their own this year. Eric helped Harkin and Issabelle and then it was time to light them. How exciting!

leaf play

The leaves have been piling up this month and all the kids have been having fun together with them. It is so fun to hear their laughter and giggles. The two little ones think their two big brothers are pretty awesome for making such big piles and for throwing them into it.

double numbers

Another year older yet I still feel a bit like me. Just trying to enjoy my children and husband and this life we have. We spent some time in the meadow and then had a treat for Mama's day. Had a nice take out dinner, so no cooking for me!

I am grateful that:

I am here.
I have 4 wonderful children and get to spend my days with them.
I have a loving husband who works hard for our family.
I have family and friends I know I can count on.

Hoping that this year I can slow down even more and take it all in even better.

apple picking

We spent a glorious morning picking apples as a family. Everyone was happy to have a taste and to get our bags full. We came home and have been using them to bake with. Love this time of year!

the friends at the farm

There is a small roadside farm stand not too far away from us. On our way home from soccer I saw a sign stating that Donald and Daisy would be coming for a visit. The day came and I took my two babes.

What a surprise to find that Mickey and Minnie were there as well. Harkin is fascinated with these characters. We have a plethora of them at our house ("the friends" as they are called) so he was in awe that they were actually here. He just followed them around wanting to keep hugging and chatting them up. Mickey even went on a hayride with us. Harkin kept asking my why Goofy or Pluto hadn't come. I didn't have the answer.

I was just about ready to go, buying some stuff from the stand when he comes running over to me in such excitement. Goofy had made it! And being Goofy he was dressed like Santa. So silly. We stayed another half hour following Goofy around and getting more hugs and pictures.

Issabelle loved Minnie, Daisy and Donald right away but it took her the whole time we were there before she would finally go over to Mickey. And Goofy, well forget about that. She was having nothing to do with him.

They did manage to break away for a few minutes and get their faces and arms painted, which was fun. It was such a silly little hour of our weekend.
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