the blue track

The blue track was a huge hit. It was a family gift and everyone has had fun with it. They can set it up wherever they want ( it has been all over the kitchen and living room at once) and have races with cars for hours on end. Each time is like the first time. Such excitement.

christmas morning

We awoke to discover that Santa had snuck into our room and left a book for each of us. How exciting was that. The pure joy and look on their faces was so precious. We read our books for a bit so Daddy could sleep in(7:30) and then tried peeking downstairs while Daddy was making sure all was ready. Then it was time!  What fun it was going through the stockings and opening presents. Everyone was thrilled with each gift. Issabelle took most of it in for awhile and wanted to play with each thing she opened so it took her most of the day to finish. Harkin loved staying in his PJ's all day. Well, most of the day. He got dressed when I finally gave him and Issabelle their new sleds. They had to go outside and try them out of course. Landon went along as well to try out his snowshoes. William went just for a bit as he was happy reading or building. It was a really mellow day and fun for all.

christmas crafting

I mentioned that on Christmas Eve the boys spent a good part of the day helping Eric make a special gift for me. I am so in love with it. Really one of my most favorite. (I just need to get a few more candles) I love handmade gifts. Not only did I receive this wonderful centerpiece but all my kids made mama something. A picture a day by William, three framed artworks and a felted wall hanging by Landon and pictures drawn by Issabelle and Harkin.  All of it makes my heart swell with love and joy for my family. Thanks a bunch my sweet loves.

christmas eve

We spent the day at home just doing everyday normal stuff. The boys helped Daddy do a few projects for Mommy. After Dinner we opened a few presents from aunties and uncles so it was't so crazy the next morning. Everyone was so excited about what they got and spent time playing with them for a bit before bed. Then we got the plate ready for Santa and his reindeer, Daddy read "The Book" and off to dreamland the little ones went. The two big ones stayed up a later and watched A Christmas Story with Dad.


This year was tough. Everyone was very excited to put the lights and ornaments on the tree and they each had their own way they wanted to do it. There was some grumbling and a few tears shed. Not what you usually think about when it's suppose to be a cherry season. We made it through and eventually all settled down and got it done. It is fun to see all the ornaments and remember where they came from. William made an ornament scavenger hunt for them all which was a fun thing to do the following day. Jaxson has decided it is a pretty cozy place to hang out. All is well now and we are enjoying looking at it every day.
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