Not a whole lot to say except it was another glorious day skiing. We have the routine pretty much down. 
Wake up. Breakfast. Ski gear and out the door before the lifts open.  The boys each got new boot bags so they now can carry all their own stuff.  So much nicer for mama.

Daddy joined us today which we were all excited about.  Still not too many people here, but the snow is still here and pretty amazing. Plus a new storm is in the works tonight. Quite the April fools.

Did a little outdoor swimming.  Watched Nanny McPhee and then fast asleep to rest for the new snow.

All's well in Vermont!


The boys and I spent the day skiing.  As we traversed the mountain I marveled at how much they have grown over the past year. 

William pretty much knows the entire mountain,  which is actually six mountains.   He would argue with me that it was the wrong way when I chose the trail, and guess what?  I was wrong.  Need to listen to him more.  I think he has the map memorized in his head. He reads over it every day.
He has no fear of the mountain and just attacks it.  I even separated from him for a bit so he could tackle a trail that Landon would not go on.  He knew exactly where to meet me. He is gaining his independence. 

Landon was willing to give some new trails a try. When we finished, he was so proud of himself.  These were trails that I remember last year sliding down on our bum together because he was so scared and unsure of himself.  He even did the superpipe with Will.  

I am so grateful we are able to provide the opportunity for them to enjoy what they love.  They're not just becoming better skiers but are gaining confidence in themselves.  Challenging themselves and realizing they can accomplish things as long as they try. 

I'm the lucky spectator who gets to watch them grow. It's just delightful!

a good investment

Five years ago Eric I bought a timeshare.  At first it may have been a bit much for us but it has evened out and I have to say  it has been one of our better purchases so far.  We know that every year we have a week ski vacation already paid for. And we also have an extra week that we have used to trade and go some pretty neat places.  It also has given us extra vacations at an amazing discount.  I always get sticker shock when I look for vacations outside of our timeshare use.  

That being all said, we are using it this week to get some Spring skiing in.

A few shots of our place:

I love how the boys run through the place and check it all out.  They have such a fun time.

We will be doing some skiing today-yeah!

Landon's Spring Poem

It's beginning of Spring
 Before it was snowy
 There is no more snow
And it's all melted away
 Winter's over
It's time to go on a bike ride
Or no
 Now there's no more snow
We know not to be seen
 It's rainy today
I wonder if tomorrow it will be sunny or rainy
 Now it's sunny
I wonder if tomorrow it will be rainy or sunny
 It's rainy again
The End

Sunday Smiles

The newest addition to the family

Mr Crocodile

He was on the needles for a very long time.  
Mama was a bit slow, but now all is well.

Here I Am

Yes, I am still here. Just in a quiet mood this week.  We have been "doing".  Just the every day stuff.

Baking: cranberry crunch, bread, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Playing: three play dates, play mobile, battles of knights, protecting the princess, sandbox, baseball, soccer, playground

Creating: thumbprint art, air dry clay sculptures, drawing journals with poems

I have had a slow energy week and have not really felt like writing. Some weeks are just like that.  
We are headed up to Vermont one last time for our final days of skiing.  Although, one day maybe we will ski in summer- need to fly to South America- Eric's dream.

So posts may be sporadic next week again.

Have a wonderful weekend.

the past four days

Friday was amazing.. Almost 70*.  I baked and packed for the weekend. William made his weather station.

There was sandbox play, a playground trip and Landon painted.

Then we were off for the weekend. Skiing. Kinda hard to imagine after the day of such wonderful weather.

It was great Spring skiing though.  Not a lot of people, sunshine and soft snow. We still have one more getaway planned and then it will be officially over.

Today was weekend recovery day.  Filled with puppets, imaginary play, games and creating.

Life is good. :)

I Loved Today.

Today was so full of life.

5:30  : After only being awoken once by Landon at 1:00am, I am instead awoken by my lovely husband. Checking to see what time it was- not really sure what that was all about.  Luckily I fall back to sleep for a bit.

6:30 :  My alarm goes off, and I hesitate.  It is way too cozy in my bed. But then again I won't stay healthy if I lay in bed. So I am up and heading out the door by 6:40 with my sweet girl for our morning walk.

7:30 : Back home again for some quiet reading time.  Where I read this verse:

Wisdom is the Principal thing
Therefore get wisdom
And in all your getting, get understanding.  Proverbs 4:7

I had great thoughts to think about as my day continued.

8:00 Snuggle in bed with the boys reading.

8:45 Showered and eating breakfast and chores.

9:30 Read the first chapter in Explore Spring and did the activities.  

Learning about the earth traveling around the sun and why we have seasons.

Then a great moment. After we finished the hands on activity, William says" Oh , now we can write in our journals we made."  Sure says mama and they recorded their findings.  This was all their own doing which made it a wonderful learning experience.

 10:30 Adventuring: We headed to a State Park we had never been do. It was amazing!

1:00 Our once a month art class. 

There was sketching of houses,


and a group sculpture project.

4:00 Home again for a bit of rest and relaxation.

5:30 Soccer

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Bed

This was an extremely busy day for us.  It was fun but I am looking forward to tomorrow just playing at home.


:: that boys can keep themselves happy making forts while mama is sick in bed

:: for sunny days and two hours to bask in the sun while the boys enjoy a class on ships

::learning how to cook healthier meals

:: a night out with a new friend and conversations not interupted

::days at home baking and playing

some cool new tricks

The boys went skiing with Eric yesterday and learned how to spin just like daddy.

I spent the day at home, scrapbooking.  It was so nice to be able to spread out and take my time. I am hoping to get all caught up this Spring.   That would be ideal.  We'll see what happens.

Sunday Smiles

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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