pumpkin carving

glue ghosts

We made these super simple ghosts last week. Use regular Elmer's glue to make an outline of a ghost, add some googly eyes and then let dry. It took several days for them to dry. Once they had dried we punched a whole in the top and strung them. Now they are flying ghosts!

I am so in love with the fact that we have so many places to put things and hanging things is so easy because we have wood walls!

The Notch

We took a nice Sunday drive yesterday through Smuggler's Notch. We have been coming up here for the past 6 years and have never driven through the notch because it is always closed in the Winter. It was a very cool place, with some pretty neat hiking trails. We said next summer when I wasn't so pregnant we would check out the trails. They are pretty steep. For now it was just cool to look at.


We fell in love this weekend.

There have been lots of discussions of when was the right time. How we all felt about it. We miss having a sweet pup in the house.  We can never replace our Gritty, but wanted to add to the family.

We decided to just go take a look. Well, one out of a litter of 10 won over our hearts. He just kept coming back to us and wanting to jump into our laps. The boys were excited. We stepped away for a moment, to be sure. Everyone agreed that it felt right. It had to be a family decision. So we scooped up this little ball of fur and carried him home.

It has been so much fun to watch the boys run around and play with him. They wait anxiously while he naps so they can take him outside to play. They are sweet and gentle with him and love to take care of him.

It's a good thing.

swim time

After two months out of the water we finally got back in. We joined a homeschooling group for Friday swim and tennis lesson/play time. The boys had a great time, the highlight being an indoor water slide they get to use at the end of class. We met some more new people and I got  a chance to sit and chat with some very friendly moms, while knitting away.  I think it will be a fun 8 weeks!

Thursday afternoon

We headed out this afternoon to visit a library and meet up with some local homeschoolers. They meet once a month for a project day. We did not bring anything to share today but just went to meet some new people. The library was nice and the boys got along with a few of the kids. They said they go back, which is good.

On the way home we stopped at a local farm stand and they picked out their carving pumpkins.

Halloween is approaching fast this year.

I usually do not tend to get to worried about costumes because they tend to chose from their variety of dress up clothes from Grammy. However, William is trying something new this year. He wants to be a magician. We have most of the necessary clothing except black pants and shirt. He needs them to be just right he says. I say we can make do, but not him. So we are trying to find them at Goodwills or thrift shops but are not having too much luck. They are far and few between here. Hoping that tomorrow's outings will lead us to just what he wants.

leaf sun catchers

We made some simple and pretty sun catchers this morning. The boys collected as many colorful leaves as they could. Our peak season has almost passed. Then we stuck them onto contact paper, stuck the contact paper directly to the window and now have some nice views in our windows.

Inspired by an idea from the Artful Parent.

on our drives

Every time we head out to do an errand or head into another town I am awe struck by the beauty of this land. I hope that I never take it for granted, being able to see such views.

When the days get tough, I remind myself how lucky we are and grateful that we here. It is a place to be savored and taken in daily.


Our weekend was so grand in just the plain normalness of life with a little extra spice thrown in here and there.

A visit to a new butcher to check out their meats.
Dad waiting patiently for the boys to eat a sandwich. I didn't want them eating in my new car.
The first lost tooth!!!
Barber shop play.
New yarn. I found  a local fiber co-op. All the yarns are hand-spun and dyed from 10 local farms. A new project was started for the baby.
Tooth fairy pillow making. I loved how I had my little boy right next to me helping the whole time.
Polishing up an old desk from my  Grandmother. It came out so nice. This is my new sewing table. So excited to have it out and at the ready.
 Working on a household project for mommy.
 We ended the weekend with a charity dinner for Breast Cancer.

Sunday Smiles

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