An Evening at the Beach

The heat is on. I was able to convince Eric to go to the beach with us. He is so not a beach person.
Which is why we went in the evening- not too crowded and still warm enough to dip the toes in. William went all for it though as you can plainly see.

Full speed ahead to summer!

Everyday Smiles

Little snippets from our past week.
I think this might be trend each week.

Hanging with friends

Our favorite dinner- Parmesan crusted chicken, risotto, broccoli and fresh tomato sauce.

Tag sale finds

A cute little table for outside. A mini trampoline

The garden

New fence and vegetables, finally!

Need I say anything?

Flowers for our anniversary
Nature shots from our neighborhood.

The boys think this looks like a guy sticking his tongue out at us.

Our newest construction toys. We love them! The boys have been making motorcylces, planes, ships, etc. all week.

Love is...

Rose and Eric.
12 years with my best friend, having fun, always and forever.

Watercolor Painting

We went to a friends house today for our first lesson in watercolor paining.
My friend, Julie, told such a wonderful story about how the fairy(brush)dances on the paper. As the story evolved there was such a rhythmic tone to the whole process. The boys really enjoyed the story and the painting.
This was a great introduction to watercolors. I hope to make it a regular occurrence in our house.
But first I need to get the supplies.

Peaceful Afternoon

No pictures today.
I sat.
I listened.
I watched.
I smiled.
I enjoyed.
I savored.
The sun was here.
A delightful breeze blew.
The boys imagined, created, giggled, loved.
I sighed.
These are the days.

Pirate Brothers

Pirate Brothers are.... kind,
crazy together,
proud of each other,
lost without one another,
pirate brothers till the very last days.


Well it has been a week since we started potty training. The first two days were rough. I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I think we went through 20 pairs of underwear. The funny thing was that Landon was able to make it through the night staying dry.

As the days passed, Landon became more aware of when he had to go and by the weekend we were down to two pairs of underwear per day. So I am happy to report that he is now fully potty trained. Oh there will be accidents here and there, but for a minute I thought we might be stuck with diapers for a little longer.

However, it is a bittersweet thing. My baby just took his next big step of growing up. One less thing that he needs me for.

I'm gonna hold onto the sleeping in bed with us for a long time. He may kick, climb on top of me, slap me in the face but its all worth it. Just to feel his little hands on my chest, or his breath against my cheek. I need some part of him to be my baby still. Plus I actually sleep better. Imagine that.

Two days of Simply Home

This was Daddy's weekend. We had Father's Day and a birthday! A day off was taken for extra special family time. We hung out. There was rain. There was baseball and soccer playing. A walk to the library to stock up on books for the week with a stop at the market for lunch. There was card making and pie baking.

Peanut Butter Pie.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Daddy is not home much during the week so just having simple days at home is all we need. It precious time that is well spent. We will miss daddy when he heads back to the city this week.

Everyday Smiles

Just some little moments from the past week that needed to be shared.

Counter Surfing Yellow Dog

New castle- A thrift store find!

Puppet shows


Play dough

Blackberry Cake

(My dad used to dress like this all the time)

Soccer trophy



William spent the past week at building camp. The theme was Sandbox Infrastructure. They built construction vehicles that he can actually use in our sandbox. Every day he would come home covered in paint and so excited about what he built that day.
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