too cute for work

Harkin has this little briefcase, thanks to big brother Landon, and he LOVES to carry it around. It took him a bit before he was steady and not always tipping over. Now he just walks around with it and we are always asking him if he is going to work. It is just so cute to watch him play.

catapult kit

Landon received a catapult kit for Christmas and this weekend spent the afternoon with Dad building it. It was quick and easy but it really works. It shoots clay balls the entire length of the house. He was thrilled to have it and fire on his play mobile guys.

a hat for my love

I am so excited to have finished a hat for Eric. I have not knitted anything for him since way before the boys came along. I made a sweater for him right when I had gotten back into knitting after a 10 year hiatus.

It a little slouchy but seems to work. I am hoping to use the same pattern to make one for all of us. 9different colors) It was a pattern that came from the magazine Taproot.

William was funny when he saw Eric wearing it. He proclaimed that Eric looked a bit peculiar. From the sweet mouths of children...

more rocks

The boys are still hard at work collecting rocks. We had a bit of a snow melt last week and they were able to dig in the mud and stream. They cleaned, sorted and added them to their already very full collections.

Don't you love how Landon blocked Harkin  off so he would not get into his stash??

a little bit of heaven

Harkin had his first taste of real apple juice and thought it was the best thing ever. He kept wanting more and more and it was dribbling all down his face, he just couldn't get it fast enough.  So cute!

dinner by the boys

Thanks to a new book that Grammy sent up the boys were able to pick out dinner and make it entirely by themselves. Harkin and I just sat and nursed while they did all the hard work. It came out delicious and they were so excited to share it with the family.

What was it??  Barbecue Crusted Chicken and Bacon and Cheese rolls. We also had green beans to go with it. Such a yummy dinner.

sunday smiles

some science

This past week Landon found a bunch of dirty pennies and so I showed him how to clean them with vinegar and salt, he thought that was pretty cool.

Then we did one of our science kits and learned all about fossils. The boys each were able to make their own mold which they thought was neat.

We also recently made our own crystal snowflakes with Epson salt.

So there is a little bit of everything going on throughout our days.

a new discovery

Harkin figured out that something actually comes off of that little roll in the bathroom and had a grand time entertaining himself while mama was trying to do some laundry.

ice skating

We took the boys ice skating yesterday. It has been a long time since they have gone. Harkin had to sit and watch, wishing he could be out there with them. I would have gone on the ice with him if only I had skates that would fit his tiny feet. Not even sure if they make them that small. They boys had a great time but came home sore. There was quite a bit of falling from Landon. I suppose we should try to go more often and then they would have more practice. We'll see how it goes, and I will keep looking for skates to fit Harkin.

fun among the trees

We are in the middle of a January thaw and so we took a much needed walk in the woods recently. With hunting season, and the big ice storm we hadn't been able to get out into our back woods.  It was so much fun and certainly refreshed everyone for the day.

Harkin loved watching his brothers climb the trees. We talked about how this spring he will be trying to keep up with them on our walks. Oh, what fun it will be. But for now he is happy on my back.

sunday smiles

this week's focus

The big boys took out their drawing journals on Monday and have been furiously drawing every day since. Each night while I cook dinner they sit at the counter and draw, together. It is so sweet to listen to them interact with one another. They can be very sweet and kind to one another when they are not arguing. They get ideas from books we have and from one another.

Harkin has been busy with the snap blocks which he has always loved. He also discovered stickers. Ones he can get off by himself and then stick or just play with. He will sit for a long time and be very focused. I love the fact that we have all the time in the world to do this: to focus on what interests us at the moment.

It is grand and makes for such nice days at home, or I should say sweet home days.....
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