at the lake making duct tape boats

We joined in with a local home school group and the boys worked with their friend Lincoln to design and build a boat made out of cardboard and duct tape. Then they had to test to see whose would stay up the longest or go the farthest. Unfortunately theirs did not make it but it was a fun project. The littles had fun swimming and playing  in the water while this was all going on.

spring soccer

Since the beginning of May we have had soccer 3-5 times a week. William has just been practicing and his first tournament games are this weekend, which he is very excited about.

Landon has had games and is pretty much finished for the season.

Harkin and Issabelle were so excited to finally be able to play together. It was a six week long program. The first week Izzy was happy to play and then as the weeks went on she would just play for a few minutes and then sit with me on the sidelines. Harkin was heartbroken and would try his best to get her out there. The very last day she decided she was going to play. They scored goals together and had a blast. Harkin was thrilled to have her on the field.

We'll have a few weeks break for the summer and then it starts back up again in  mid august. We are a soccer crazy family! Counting the minutes to tomorrow to watch the world cup.

memorial day

We spent the day at home together. Eric was making his first ribs of the season which everyone was excited for (especially Harkin). There was lots of crafting, reading and playing. Just a pretty mellow day and then we had an awesome feast. Thanks sweetie for cooking us yummy food. A great start to summer( unofficially)!

my little artists

A rainy afternoon. Perfect for discussing VanGogh and then letting them lose at the easel. Which was the very first time for the two little ones. They had such a blast with it. Harkin started to mix his colors and was painting with inspiration from the painting we had just studied. It was really quite awesome to watch them all. Landon took it further and looked up some other paintings and tried to paint one similar. Such a delight.

one hot day

Landon had a great idea to make his own slip and slide. William helped  with the dish soap and water while everyone else had fun getting wet and sliding. Made for a super fun Monday.

mothers day

We had soccer games in the morning and then came home to relax and rest. I managed to get my munchkins dressed up a bit and then we headed out to dinner at a local place we enjoy. We came home to a delicious dessert that was prepared by William. A pretty mellow day but just perfect for us at the moment.

awesome hike and sight seeing:our last day :(

Aunt Kathy took us a pretty awesome hike. It wasn't very long but the rocks were really neat  there was the tiny crevice we had to squeeze through for about 10 minutes. The kids thought it was pretty cool as did I until I started to feel a bit claustrophobic. The first time ever in my life.  The crazy part at the end was climbing the steel ladder to get out. Once on  top the view was stunning.

Everyone worked up an appetite and so we headed to Old Town and had awesome Mexican food and did a little sight seeing. It was a fun excursion for our last day. We came home to pack, do a bit more swimming and then off to bed since we were getting up at 4:00am to head back to the east coast.
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