apple cider

Today we headed to a nature center to participate in a apple cider program.  It was great fun and the boys loved cranking the "hopper".

It took place on a farm so we had some time to visit with the animals.

And of course climb rocks- because that's what boys do.

borrowing a post

My friend over at Frog Creek wrote about Mondays Lately.  We are lucky enough to be those friends who knew about the swim class.  And since this Mama hasn't brought her camera with her on Mondays, you can view a few pictures of what we've been up to.

Click HERE.

If you look closely you will see my two boys playing in the mud as well.

Traveling the USA Through Puzzle Books

Right now William is enjoying working through Which Way USA by Highlights. Each book focuses on a state and has a ton of puzzles to solve. We work through them together, since sometimes they even stump Mama. The first state we started with was Florida which was great since Grammy and Grampy live there. We learned a bit more about the sunshine state.  It's a great way to learn facts about each state and there is plenty of practice for writing, number, and spelling.  Each month he looks forward to getting them in the mail.  There are two other clubs we may join in the future. A math one and a world traveling one.  He loves solving puzzles!


There were no fancy plans for the weekend. I let my camera sit for two days.  I took pictures in my mind and heart.

William had a soccer game. There were errands to run.  Games were played. The weekly batch of granola was baked. Matches of fuse ball took place.  The boys re-discovered their passion for painting, but I was not allowed to see their artwork. Surprises for later this week they tell me.  Grass got mowed. Ice cream got eaten.  Walked to the used book store and new books were traded.  Old time cartoons were watched. "Rocky and Bullwinkle"  Time relaxing while mama knitted, Will and Dad each read, and Landon played. The boys "fixed" daddy with their tools.  Sunday breakfast made by dad, was eaten while telling stories of Eric and mine childhood.
A new light was installed in Landon's closet so he can find his toys more easily. William helped Dad with the measuring and cutting. Eric made his signature dinner: steak, grilled potatoes and Caesar salad.  The salad was made in collaboration with Landon.  
Watching and listening to these moments are what made the weekend. Time spent in love and patience. The boys feeling that they are contributing to our family, which they are, in oh so many ways.

A weekend of not going anywhere but staying home to be together.  Right now William thinks we have to go somewhere in order to have fun.  We are trying to stress to him that fun is what you make it and it can be found anywhere. Especially at home with those you love and love you.

sticker books

We have been collecting stickers ever since the boys were born. We have a big box full of them. Mainly thanks to Grammy.  We usually just stick and decorate with them.  The boys had this idea to make their own books and separate them by categories. A morning was spent on these books, and deciding which categories to use, how many pages should be left for each, so we can add more.

the wild animals

We spent a day recently visiting the wild animals with our sweet little cousin. However I think they were really the wild animals!

The dear little one is wearing the dress/shirt I made her earlier this summer.  It is the first time I have ever made a little dress. She does a good job modeling it.

Free Family Day

The day started slow and I thought it was going to be a day at home. Lots of rain was predicted and I am still getting over not feeling quite myself.  But as we kept looking out the window there was no rain coming down. We checked the forecast once again and made the decision to take our chances. 

We headed out this afternoon to a free day at the farm. I am so glad we did. The boys had a great time. There were two Revolutionary War themed corn mazes that we got lost in, a hay ride, and numerous other fun attractions.  

It ended up being hot and sticky. So much for the forecast. 

I would definitely recommend this as a great day trip. They also have pick your own pumpkins. Right now they are only open on the weekends but beginning October 1st they will be open every day! Lots of fun!

Peach Bread/Muffins

Another baking treat made with all our fresh fruit.  It was for muffins but we doubled the recipe and ran out of muffin tins so we made a few mini-loaves.  They were very tasty. By far the best recipe we have made over the past several weeks.  

All of the recipes have come from the Old Fashioned Baking Book by Jim Fobel.
I was given this book as a wedding shower present and it has been used over and over again.  It is definitely my favorite baking book.

It was given to me by my sister-in-law, so I think of her every time I use it! So glad she married Eric's brother.


A day at home. Simply being.

We read, played games, had battles, used a science kit on Time, made applesauce, used our newest activity books and just took it easy.  These are our normal days. They are relaxed and slow but they are good.  And it ends in a game of fuse ball with dad when he arrives home from work.  Smiles all around.

pizza fest

We went to a pizza fest over the weekend. There were about 10 different pizza restaurants from town that we were able to taste test and then vote for our favorite.  There were some interesting varieties. Macaroni and cheese, taco, and twice baked, but the boys just stuck with the basics: cheese and pepperoni.  
 It was all for a good cause, plus we even got a little body decorations.

And it ended with a few treats as well.

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