some silliness

Days spent at home with brothers are some of our best days ever. There is tickling, fort building and some type of wrestling/dancing match. Always a good time.

a real trebuchet

Eric is on vacation this week and the boys are having a grand time with Daddy. They found plans on the internet and built a trebuchet. They have been launching tennis balls for Jax to retrieve. Such fun and great building time with dad.


Harkin turned one yesterday. What a big day we had.

We took him skiing for the very first time. Everyone was so excited to see him on skis.  We got all of his gear on and took him on the magic carpet and down the hill 3 times before he was getting a little cranky. He wasn't sure of the boots and all. So we took a break and hung out in the lodge for a bit and had some lunch.

Once our tummies were full we decided to give it another go. This time we went down 4 times and there was no crying at all. I think he actually enjoyed it. The last time up the magic carpet he was standing between my legs when all of a sudden he was trying to sit down. I looked into his goggles to see him and he had his eyes closed. As much as I tried to talk to him he was not opening his eyes. He had fallen asleep while standing up and on skis!!
We carried him down his last run. I took him into the lodge and he continued to sleep while I took off all his gear. We had tuckered him out!! 

After nap we came home and opened presents and ate cake. The cake was a big hit. He kept asking for more and more.

It was a fun day and I still can't believe he is one already. How quickly has grown and how amazing this past year has been. We love you sweet Harkin.

on the eve of one

The crown awaits his royal highness. We are all so excited for his very first birthday. A big day:)

morse code

An afternoon spent putting together a Morse code kit and sending messages. Very cool!

a viking ship

A creation made by Landon entirely of his own doing and imagination.

the spice drawer

My spices, they were nicely organized and even in alphabetical order, but no longer is the case. My sweet almost 1 year old had a grand time moving all the jars around. While I was cooking dinner he would take them out and then put them back in again. He was so not happy when dinner was ready and it was time to close the drawer. I am having so much fun watching him discover all these new things.

everyday moments

Little snippets from our days.

How Harkin loves to empty the dishwasher. He literally drops everything and comes running the second he hears it open.

Haircuts by dad.

Yogurt is so yummy.

A wonderful 7 year old smile.

igloo making and some big snow

Oh, what fun the boys had this weekend making a huge igloo with Daddy and seeing how deep the snow was by measuring with Harkin.  He loves being outside with his big brothers and wants to do just what they do. How we love winter!!
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