new shooter

Harkin has been waiting for this day for so long. Having watched the boys for the past 4 years now. He absolutely loves archery! He still has lots to learn but many arrows have hit the target which he gets super excited about and the fact that the boys are in the class with him is extra special. They cheer him on like good brothers should. He looks so little compared to the rest of the kids but it such fun to watch him and his brothers together. Issabelle is a good audience and is now counting the days till its her turn.

thanksgiving day

We had a lovely day mostly at home. I got the big folding table out and we set up a new family puzzle for everyone to work on, National Parks. Although Harkin and Issabelle wanted to help, it is a bit hard for them at the moment so we got some other puzzles down and they were happy doing those. All about the US, which was fun. We really did spend the morning on puzzles. Which is now my new favorite tradition.

Then we got spiffed up and went out to a buffet dinner. We tried something new which was fun but will most likely go back to cooking next year. We came home and watched a family movie. Harkin picked it out. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He had just recently read the book and I had mentioned there was a movie. He thought it was a good one to watch on Thanksgiving since it was all about food and Thanksgiving is a feast.

It was a laid back day. William said the next day that it was one of his best holidays recently. Everyone was happy and calm all day. We tried to keep that atmosphere up all through the weekend. Relaxing days at home, just hanging out with Daddy, playing games and puzzling!


One of our favorite library is hosting a monthly homeschool class. Breakout Education. It is like an escape room but in a box. The kids get clues and have to solve puzzles to find the keys or combination to open locks, and they have to beat the clock! There are two age groups and all of my boys get to participate. We have done two so far. One focusing on math and the other on science. They all have enjoyed it an are looking forward to the next one!

big snow

We got a good storm on Friday and the kids have been playing in it all weekend. Then today we had to take a ride up to Jay for Will and we checked out the mountain. It opens on Friday and looks good to go. Everyone is ready to go skiing!

spinning turkeys

We made a fun thanksgiving decoration this weekend. We love spin art around here but the addition of a turkey made it just perfect. Thanks to Kiwi co. for the idea. The most fun was spinning and spinning, but then their own drawings onto the turkeys made them simply adorable. And they are both pretty proud of theirs.

adventuring: at the museum

We went for a day out to the local children's museum. We have been there only about 3 times. Issabelle and Harkin had a blast. Will and Landon were fine for a bit and got to watch a imax movie. They were done before the two littles were ready. So I challenged them to help their little brother and sister to build and create. They ended up having fun for over an hour. It was a much needed day out and good fun.
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