family fun night

We decided to check out the nightly entertainment while on our vacation.


The winnings were candy.  This was serious. There was much concentration.

 We had the winning numbers!!!!!
 Landon and Daddy actually won but they were wonderful sharers. 
We had a fun time.  A nice change up for the evenings.

What was funny though is that this was our first time going to bingo and we won, while others have been going for over 10 years and have never won.  I think daddy was our lucky charm....

Sunday Smiles

Learning how to weave and working on something special for someone special.

10 1/2 inches

More white stuff today!!!
 We measured.
 We marveled.

 We discovered.

 We played.
We lived.

in the kitchen

The past 24 hours I have been busy in the kitchen; of course with some help.

We have made cranberry bread, macaroni and cheese, Shepard's pie, meatloaf, chicken pot pie, two vegetable quiches, two batches of granola and there is still tomorrow's list: muffins, more cranberry bread, crispy rice balls, and sweet and sour chicken.

Why have we been so busy- we are preparing- preparing for some family time,  time I want to spend relaxing and enjoying the moment.  Our freezer is pretty stocked up and all we have to do is pack. Yeah!

It was grand though having the boys help.  William read me the entire recipe for cranberry bread, which brought on a discussion of fractions and then actually figuring those out.  Landon was learning about cutting things in half and counting as we broke up butter and stuff.  They are constantly learning in all that we do and it was a great reminder today.

We also read, danced, played a new game and recorded it all in our journals.

A pretty amazing ordinary day!

icy snow

We headed to the woods yesterday and found it untouched.  We had snow covered with icy rain this week which made it perfect for sliding on.

An afternoon filled with peace and tranquility.  I cherish every moment with my two boys.

Landon at Killington

For your viewing pleasure...

Shot with HTC Incredible Phone

snowball cookies

These have to be the easiest cookies we have ever made, and they melt in your mouth. Plus the boys had a great time rolling them. They kicked me out of the kitchen, saying they could handle it. I think they were just wanting lots of extra tastes.

It  is butter( 1 cup), flour (2 1/2 cups) salt(1/4 teaspoon) and vanilla( 1 teaspoon). The recipe called for nuts be we left them out and then once they were cooked we rolled them in confectioners sugar.  Yum!


Today of all days we had to travel out of the house. It was an icy, rainy day that should have been spent snuggled by the fire, reading or crafting.  Oh, but we had a new class today.  It was at the Seaport. Today's topic was astronomy.  They went to the planetarium and learned all about the night sky. Then they made a craft. They were so very excited to share all that they learned with me. 

You see, I did not go with them.  No, I got to spend two hours alone.  I browsed the book store, enjoyed a hot cup of tea, and did a bit of knitting.  It was a time of solitude.  I have time alone at home but I always have a houseful of things to do.  Here, I am stranded with nowhere to go, nothing but time with ME.  Time to reflect on life.  Time to wander with my thoughts. Time to create.  Just Time.

So I end the day grateful we went out. Grateful the boys enjoyed their class. Grateful that I am me.

snowing in the house

A rather simple day.
I cleaned.
Boys played.
Reading together.
Romped outside.
Reading with some resting.
Computer play.
Crafting some simple snowflakes- we actually have never done these before, I know, crazy right?  Well they had a great time making them and the discussions about what they looked like, what shapes they made were just terrific!  

We then decorated the house with them so they say "It's snowing inside"  It was such a simple project but really rather wonderful.
More outside time- chasing mommy, snowball baseball, tag with Gritty.
Warren Miller's Ride documentary.  The boys love watching anything to do with skiing and snowboarding right now.
All was right with the day.

serious snow

I believe we got a little over 2 feet today.  The most I can remember in a long, long time.  It was absolutely amazing to try to walk and play in it. 

Gritty and I headed out early this morning for our time together.

Then the boys headed out mid morning to play.

Then finally after lunch when it had stopped snowing I went out with everyone to DIG,

  and of course capture the beauty of my surroundings......

We are really enjoying the season of snow right now and hopefully many more days to come.

fresh air

Fresh air makes all the difference.  Being outside is so important to our bodies and mind. I highly encourage us to go out every day, no matter the weather. 

This morning we went to the local hill and did some sledding.  It was so much fun and although a bit chilly, it felt great.

 We also discovered an awesome tree to climb. (something we are lacking in our yard)

We are slowing down this winter to spend time together in the outdoors more and trying to create days full of memories.

I am thankful every day for this wonderful life we lead, and the moments we share together.


So we have been busy living our lives.  We did a little skiing over the weekend.  We have found this little apartment that we rented  out a few times this winter so we get more time on the slopes. We can even bring Gritty which makes life so much easier.  

It was great with having about a foot of  fresh new snow to ski on.  The boys tried out the terrain park for the first time and are loving it.  Every 30 seconds Landon was asking when we were going to do it again.  We may be headed for trouble, but they are loving it.

I decided not to carry my camera on the mountain- I already had a backpack full of drinks and lunch. I don't mind if they get squished when I fall ( and I do fall here and there) but I don't want to ruin my camera. So no cool photos of all the jumps they did.

It has been a quiet life otherwise. Just spending time together, doing things around the house.

All is well.

a good day

We awake happy and read together.  

Snuggle a bit and William asks "Want to go to the Spa?"  Well, why not??? After careful preparations I enter the "Spa" (a.k.a the bathroom).  I receive a hot face massage, lotion on my arms and legs, hair wet and blow dried and makeup- thanks to the new face paints Santa delivered. 
I am looking good.  Thankfully no photos are taken.

We move on to breakfast. "Can we make it?" they both ask.  Go ahead.  Another success.

After breakfast I get a few minutes with each of them to work on some skills and then Will reads to us.

Off to do what we want on our own- cars, listening, "raging  battles", cleaning, organizing, sorting.  

Lunch already- time is flying by and what a peaceful morning it has been.

We do a few quick errands after lunch. Home again for an Olympic soccer game out on the ice.  

Monopoly Jr. and tea.

Read a chapter in One Hundred Dresses. 

Dinner prep while the boys play their new mind games.


Journal together.

Dinner and bed.

We talked about how,  although there were a few moments of anger we were able to talk through them and be gentle to one another. 

I relaxed more and said yes often. It made a huge difference.  The power of words.

All is well.  Every day is new beginning and can be wonderful.


Everyone was tired today. So we stayed at home, playing and trying to all get along.  Crankiness was abounding.  

But we needed new library has been a bit. So we ventured out in the afternoon.  Everyone is  excited to have some new books to read.  We decided upon snow, comics, knights, and winter sport books.

Also, a DVD on Submarines was checked out to give us all a chance to chill out when we got home.

It was a tough day and I am off to bed, but tomorrow brings new hopes and opportunities.

Sunday Smiles

Some one on one time. 
Will went skiing with Dad. 
Landon created and played with Mom.

 Landon decided our house needed decorating.  He used wire ribbon to wrap all of the door handles in the kitchen.

 We got out of the house for a bit at a local museum where they have this wonderful train display every year.
 Controlling the trains.
 And of course the marbles.
 Then we checked out the workshop.  Landon built his own model train.

We came home and he painted it which I, of course, forgot to take a picture of before uploading my camera. Ah, well.

This just may become a weekly winter activity.  There are several kits to choose from and Landon says he wants to make them all.

It was a very fulfilling day with my little one.  

Eric says they had a great time skiing.
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