2 month photo shoot

Our little girl is 2 months already. Time is just flying by. I never know where the time goes. We are all enjoying her so much. She loves her brothers dearly. Each one is so very sweet to her in their own way. William is my big helper, holding her often and can put her to sleep better than I can some days. Landon keeps her happy during our car rides. He makes sure she is snuggled up warm and will make faces at her or sing to her if she gets upset. Harkin sleeps next to her and loves to snuggle in the morning and always makes sure she has her milk, a clean diaper and tells mommy that the baby needs me.

She is sleeping much better these days, and is weighing in at 14 1/2 lbs. She is beginning to laugh and talk more each day and her smile just melts my heart.  All is well in the life of Miss Issabelle.

march mornings

During the cold march mornings we have been busy creating. It is always so much fun to watch the boys at work. They have a great time and make wonderful masterpieces to decorate our home with.

zip lining

As one of their Christmas presents the boys got a chance to go zip lining and climb up a cargo net and cross a crazy bridge. We went in the beginning of March. They had a fun time and are hoping to go back in the spring to try out the rest of the ropes course.

It was hard to take pictures as I was pretty far away and trying to watch the two little ones, but did the best I could.

still snow

Although the temperatures have risen a few days here and there we still have plenty of snow to go around. We have begun venturing a bit farther into our back woods, since we are going to be here another 2 years, we want to be able to take advantage of it. Our neighbors have said it's fine to hike the property (just not during hunting season). So we have spent several mornings playing and exploring, which is always rejuvenating for me to be in the woods with my kiddos. Harkin is so proud as he walked up a pretty big hill by himself.

We are back to some colder temps this week so the snow will stick around for quite a bit I believe.

the many faces of Issabelle

She can go from perfectly content to super sad in an instant. Sometimes we don't even know why, but we love her all the same.

a photo shoot turn nap

It was a sunny afternoon, my girl was dressed like a girl and she was wide awake- or so I thought. I started to take a few pictures. She became a bit fussy so I nursed her and
then we tried again. Well apparently she was so content she went right to sleep. She slept like that for about an hour and a half. It was a great excuse for me to have to sit on the couch and knit. I couldn't leave her alone like that.....
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