odds and ends of the week
thoughts that have crossed my mind
each one not enough for its own post
together at weeks end
gives you a glimpse 
into the daily life of ours
**The boys went skiing for the first time last Saturday.**

**We have gotten snow every day this week. Finally feeling like Vermont.**

**The boys are taking a building class together and William is taking a digital photography class that he is loving.**

**Did I ever tell you we had mice?? Eric has caught 5 of them and they seem to no longer want to be around. I haven't seen any signs in over a week.**

**Realizing that I am just not the morning person I would love to be. I like to sleep in my cozy bed.**

**Getting ready for the month of December. Hoping to accomplish a lot of fun crafting this month with the boys.**

**Trying my best to keep the holidays simple. simple. simple.**

**Wanting to learn about maple sugaring and hoping we can tap a few trees this February in our yard.**

**Loving selling things on eBay, especially when a set of ornaments (smurfs) I had from my childhood sold for $120.00. Knowing I really do not need these things anymore and how we can use that money for more family oriented activities.**

**Love laying with Jaxson all curled up on my pillow, but still missing my girl terribly.**

**Thinking I should get started on a baby blanket very soon.**

Have a lovely weekend!

being pampered

The other night I was taking Jaxson out to go the bathroom. The temps had dropped and as I was coming in the house I fell on a sheet of black ice. I landed flat on my back with a big thump. I was not getting up on my own. Jaxson came right over to me and sat on top of me. He was going to take care of me until someone figured out where I was.

The boys were in the house watching a  quick show. I tried to call for them but they couldn't hear. I knew the show would be over soon and they might eventually wonder where we both were. Also, Eric was going to be home in about 10 min. So I held tight until he got home. What a sight to come home to. Your pregnant wife laying on the ground in 20* temps with the dog on top of her. He helped me up and I was sore. I took a hot shower and headed to bed.

I spent the next day in bed but was brought this lovely little surprise breakfast by my sweet boys. They certainly know how to make a lady feel special. They were great all day while I tried to recoup. There has been lots of snow here this week so they are having fun outside. I am much better. And will be a bit more careful where I step.

building class

The next town over is hosting a building class that is sponsored by the UVM 4H group. The boys were very excited to be able to participate.  Here we are at the first class. They had to see how high they could make a tower with pasta and gumdrops.


After a full morning outside yesterday, the boys were ready to come in and tackle some activities. We spent the afternoon close to the fire experimenting with solids, liquids and gases. We did 7 different experiments and had a great time. Grammy and Grampy gave them these monthly science kits last Christmas.  It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Sunday Afternoon

Amazing how the weather changes so quickly. Yesterday afternoon was beautiful, just a bit cold. We headed to a local nature preserve for a peaceful family walk.We had hoped to see some animals but instead saw lots of signs they were around. We saw fresh beaver cuttings which the boys were very excited about. The walk was about 2.5 miles. Little yellow man (a.k.a.) Jaxson, was so very tired when we were done.  So was this Mama. We came home to relax a bit and have a nice family dinner. A good ending to a great 4 day weekend with Dad.

early morning play

We awoke to snow and were out the door by 8:30 to play. The boys are still outside. They have been building and sledding. What a wonderful day to spend the morning. This afternoon we will snuggle by the fire and take care of some inside activities.

creating in the kitchen

William is now baking at least once a week. This week he made cowboy cookies. They are so delicious. It is an oat based cookie and then you add whatever sweet or nuts you like. He made chocolate chip, white chocolate chip and cranberry ones. Very yummy.

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