early morning rhythm

We have fallen into a rhythm these days.  A regular sort of routine which seems to make the day go smoother.

We wake up when daddy heads out for work. The boys take it slow. They play together, read or just lay in bed until they are fully awake. 

Mama hops (or slowly rolls) out of bed and runs on the treadmill.

We tidy upstairs and come together for a story and riddles or problem solving.  The boys have some room time while I shower and dress.

Then we head down to breakfast and begin the rest of the day.  We discuss what is to happen that day.  Before breakfast is over we read our devotions and short stories.

I have noticed the days that we detour from this rhythm there seems to be a bit chaos to our day.  I am all about flexibility and  spontaneity, but I think  steady and predictable may be the way to go. 

Ten Things About Me

1. I am the youngest of six children. I have two sisters and three brothers.  There is a total of 16 grandchildren, which Landon is the youngest.

2. I love being a mom, and really that is all I have ever wanted out of my life. 

3.  I don't really watch that much T.V. Maybe a movie or two a week and that's about it. I would rather sit and read or knit.

4. Grew up dancing ballet,and at one point thought I was going to go to New York to study, but my parents were not comfortable letting me leave home at 13.

5. I did leave home for college though.  I headed out to California for 4 years of surf ,sun, adventure and a bit of studying.

6.  I do most of my shopping online. I really dislike going to big stores and crowds. I try my best to support small family owned companies when I can.

7. Spent several years being an outdoor guide.  Such an amazing adventure. I got to see so many spectacular places and tried out some pretty cool activities: kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc.

8. One of my best friends I have had since I was 4 years old. We went to nursery school together and lived 3 houses away from each other.  We live apart now but when we see or talk it is just like time stood still.

9.  I am a bit of a yarn junkie. I once had 10 BIG Rubbermaid tubs full of yarn stored in my attic.  Not sure when I would ever knit that fast to make it through all that yarn. I have downsized and currently have 3 tubs full.

10.  I've climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan.  One of my most favorite adventures.  We were up above the clouds at 4:00 in the morning to see the sun rise.  An awe inspiring experience.

Sunday Smiles

A weekend of baking, playing and lawn care!

Sensational Stuff Saturday

I thought I would share some of our favorite things here - just in case anyone is ever looking for new things to check out.

We discovered this while away skiing this past winter and absolutely love it.  We can't get it locally but have had it shipped to us every now and again.  We have tried Creamy, Harvest and Mad River Mojo.  The boys love the creamy- they aren't into other stuff in their peanut butter- purists I suppose. I loved the Mojo and will eat the Harvest but probably would not buy it again.  We will be trying out more flavors this winter on our next trip to Vermont or possibly placing another order soon.  We'll see.

snippets of the week

  • we read about deserts in Wild Places: learned about the animals, plants and people who live there
  • wrote thank you cards
  • listened to books on CD
  • Will and I started reading Carole Marsh's The Mystery at Big Ben
  • baked blueberry coffee cake
  • had Dr's appointments: both boys are in the 95th percentile for height and weight
  • had a family game night -played Kazink
  • Gritty had a Dr's appointment for much needed shots and checkup
  • had tea parties with our stuffed friends
  • played fireman with trucks every morning
  • went to the library and stocked up on books
  • swam
  • scraped knees
  • rode bikes
  • drew
  • played driveway hockey
  • spent time with friends and cousins
  • created designs with puzzibits

    another day at the beach

    Such a grand day at the beach. Swimming, collecting, building fairy houses, baking pies and enjoying being 7 and 4.

    We kept extending our time there. By late afternoon when we should have left everyone was so busy doing.  I was loving just watching and listening.  

    The gentle breeze, the waves crashing down,  faint voices in the distance, sun lowering on the horizon, the emptiness : my favorite time at the beach, so it was hard to pull myself away.

    We did manage to come home for dinner and now the little ones are fast asleep from a perfect summer day.

    off the needles: triangle man

    A new little friend for a one year old.  He's kinda cute.  Not really how I had envisioned him, but he will be fun to tag along.

    a small change I've made this summer

    I decided about May to stop buying bread.  We have this great bread machine. Why not use it more often? I make about 2-3 loaves a week and it has been working out great. I discovered that my machine has a timer so I can put it in at night and wake up to yummy fresh bread.  I tried whole wheat but it was just a bit too heavy from the machine so at the moment we just make white or partial wheat.  I am hoping to find a lighter  recipe or better yet as the weather becomes cooler start making it by hand and cooking in our oven.  The first month I would forget that we needed bread until it was too late, now it is just part of what we do.

    I am hoping to make a change like this every few months.  I'm thinking granola bars next.

    truly a sweet home day

    a cool summery day to just hang out and relax 
    I wasn't too sure what the day was going to bring
    Landon says I want to play in the sandbox and both boys get lost in there for 2 hours
    no whining, no arguments
    just some great play
    lunch outside,
    quiet reading/rest 
    snuggle and read together to slowly get moving again
    draw for a bit
    break for a smoothie
    with helpers donning their newly painted aprons
    back outside
    play dough
    sandbox adventures for another hour
    dinner and fast asleep

    really a peaceful day at home
    days that I have come to love more than any others
    days where it is just us
    we learn, we live, we laugh
    but most of all we LOVE


    Catching some waves on a cold day at the beach... which is actually one of my favorite times to be there.

    Natural Playground

    Today we went adventuring to a new playground. Although it took us some time to get there- due to traffic and missed turns- it was well worth the trip. We spent time with good friends and played all day. What could be better?

    The kids spent the day using their imaginations as to what each piece of wood could be for.  There was lots of hard work building and playing. Definitely a place we will visit again.

    You can find out more info about it here.  

    Sunday Smiles: cool 'shrooms

    While hiking one day last week we kept coming across so many colorful mushroom. 

    where in the world are we?????

    We have taken a little break from blogging this past week.  Grammy and Grampy were in town and we were just too busy having fun. 

    What we were up to:
    castle building
    game creating
    game playing
    kite flying
    strength training
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