Art and Circles

This afternoon we stayed in( a great rainy day). The boys were in a very creative mood. It all started with this basket. It was filled with these-
which became a rainbow.
The boys used the basket to put things around, and therefore kept looking things to create "art".




I loved listening them become artist. To have them realize that art exists in all forms was wonderful!

What's Up

Hi I am still here, just have been a little out of sorts lately. We really have been taking it easy this week.
The weather has cooled down a bit so we can play outside without feeling overheated.
The boys have been skateboarding a lot his week on the driveway. They keep working at it and are so proud of themselves as they improve. As soon as all the other kids are back in school I think we will take a trip to the skate park.
I've been busy planning out our Fall. What trips we might go on, some good books I would like to read, new projects and skills that would be fun to learn and stuff like that.
It's a good winding down summer week, which I can't believe is actually here already. Of course we will still head to the beach as long as the days are warm enough. The good part is that it will be mostly deserted now. One of the many perks of homeschooling.
Sorry I've been away so long. I will post regularly again soon. Just trying to feel better.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We went to a wonderful party over the rainbow the other day! There was swimming,

and of course CAKE!
Here all the kids squish to have a smidge of the table,my youngest knows better!
And the proud birhtday girl(in white)
It was such a fun day spent with friends. We have really enjoyed getting to know all our new friends that we have made over the past 6 months and are looking foward to a great Fall doing lots of activities with them!

Such Excitement!

Will's first tooth fell out tonight!
About 10 days ago William noticed his tooth was loose. It was a very exciting discovery! We kept watch on it as the days went by.
Mama got busy sewing. We had to have a very special place to put the tooth so the tooth fairy could easily find it and possibly leave a little something in return.

Then tonight we were out to dinner with Great Goebel and while Will was drinking his strawberry milkshake, it popped out. Not much bleeding, thank goodness, and no pain! Just like that my baby lost his first tooth. I just about cried. My baby is getting too big!
This is such a wonderful milestone. I have begun thinking of a way to preserve these little teeth for years to come- some type of craft. I'll let you know when I figure it all out. But for now we will just enjoy the little space in his mouth.

"The Tooth"


The other day Landon was looking for something to do. I pulled out a skein of yarn and gave him some needles. He says" Are these for me ? My very own?"
He was just way too excited. He tried to knit the very best he could. He was making a blanket like mommy does. It was just too cute for words and makes a mama proud.
If your wondering about the black on his face, we had just finished a very active drawing session. Which usually means gel crayon all over us.

Everyday Smiles

A week full of smiles!

low tide

When we went to the beach today it was dead low right as we got there.
So there really wasn't any swimming to be done but we did get to walk across to an island. Well almost, the boys decided that the last little bit was a little too slippery.We did a little crabbing. Saw some pretty colors.
Did some digging.

And played all day long!
Eric was home for dinner tonight and the boys could not stop talking about their amazing day.
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