Sunday Smiles: Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a lovely evening!

the race is on

Landon successfully rode his bike without training wheels for the very first time this afternoon.  Now he can keep up with Will and do tricks.

Sunday Smiles: Fall Fun

Pumpkin Picking

 Blacksmiths in their tent
 Fortress Making

the cut

He was trying to smile but it hurt too much!


This morning we spent an hour and half at the skateboard park. Tricks and jumps. No falls or bruises.

We come home to eat lunch. Landon trips, falls and hits his face on our skate ramp. No skateboard was involved.

After catching my breath, soaking up all the blood, there was a lot of blood, mama called the doctor and the doctor said  "No more jumping.......
No seriously,  we had to go to the ER due to the cut being on his face.  

He received three stitches and did extremely well, didn't shed one tear until he was told he had to miss soccer for a week.  Somehow we'll survive that.

Big brother also did extremely well. Very concerned about his brother and even cried himself because he was sad for Landon.  

After 4+ hours we made it home, finally ate some food (we missed lunch) and are asleep in our beds for now.

simple blogging

Lately, I have been doing much thinking and not a whole lot of doing.  Wondering many questions and trying to discover those answers.  I may over the next week or so share these thoughts here.  Maybe if they are written somewhere public I will let go of them instead of holding tight to them in my own journal.  Not sure but thought I would give it a try. 

For starters,  I began to wonder why it is I actually blog? I first discovered blogging in a magazine article in March of 2009.  I began reading several blogs and thinking it was a pretty neat thing.  I really wanted a way to share our life with family who were so far away.  This would be great.  No more emailing  pictures.   Just a simple post and everyone could see what we have been up to.  I was good to go. 

Once online, I then began hooking up with other homeschoolers and reading their blogs.  Seeing what others wrote about, I thought maybe I could have something great to say or a cool project to share.  I even have gone so far as to write up a weekly schedule as to what each day I should post about.  I was going to be a predictable blogger.  

HA!  That is not happening.  I thought, slow down here, I am stressing myself out about blogging????  No way, it would feel too much like a job.  And in my opinion I already have my perfect job....being mama.  And feeling like I had to blog was taking away from the fun. Plus I was sitting at the computer way too much.  

So I am slowing down and am back to my original plan.  Blog to share our lives.  Although, now instead of only family, I am sharing it with friends....old and new.  And, maybe every once in awhile I will share something great, but I am O.K with just a simple post.

play day

Bright and early for soccer games. Lots of hustle and a goal for William.

Home again for leaf pile play.

A little rest and peaceful play.

Daddy off to play soccer.

Outside for 2 hours without any interruptions from mom.

Leaf play, scooter and bike races, adventures in the bushes. Imaginations at their best!

Mom and dad out to play some pool.  It's been a long time; but was such fun.

An evening relaxing and reconnecting after a busy week.

A day full of play - it doesn't get any better.

Thursday with Scarecrows

Up earlier than usual- I actually slept in my own bed last night- so I guess I am feeling a bit refreshed.

A slow morning reading, chores together and then on to raking leaf piles- already!

Off to the library- a sort visit today but very victorious. We have finally found all the Tin Tin books. William was out of his head. We have been looking for them at every library we visit.  And here they were at our own town library. Imagine that!We hardly go here... I can't remember why but there was a reason once...  but now its like we rediscovered a buried treasure.  As I browsed the shelves I found so many awesome titles.    So it will become a more visited place by us.

Then off to our monthly art class.......

We take our class here and they have an exhibit about scarecrows going on. Local artists create a scarecrow based/influenced by a famous artist and their works.  It is quite the display.  We had gone last year to see the fairy houses.  So we toured the grounds and then the boys had the opportunity to paint their own Fall scene with a scarecrow somewhere in the picture.  

Then onto pastels to draw a background and then added a premade scarecrow to  it.  I really don't have too many Fall decorations so the boys are very excited to be adding to our collection.

Also the very first thing we did was tour the gallery. The current exhibit is Schoolgirl Embroidery.  This is the part for mama.  The boys just look and try to pretend they are interested but secretly(or not) wish they were not there.

It was a great time for all.

Farm and Forest: Day 2

We spent the day in the woods. Looking for interesting stuff and then had a friendly visit with the sheep and goat.

Great is Back

After having moved away for about 10 months, our dear old GG is back.  We got to spend the day with her on Monday and there was a whole lot of lovin' going on.

a beautiful day

Today we spent yet another day outside, at a farm, with animals and friends.  I seem to be setting up quite a bit of activities lately that involve animals.  The boys haven't tired of these dear ones; don't think that I really tire of them either. 

I can live vicariously through these programs.  You see in my own mind I picture us having our own little farm one day.  Although I don't think that will actually happen.  The land part is where our goal is at the moment.  Animals would be the icing on the cake.  We'll see how it all pans out one day.

As for today, we toured this beautiful farm.

 We then experimented with washing fleece,
 carding it,
 and spinning it into a piece of yarn.
It was a wonderful day with a huge group of amazing people.
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