purple girl

Yes it is spring and you would think hats are no longer necessary. However our temps have been a bit cold around here and her old hats were looking, well rather, Old. So I knitted up a quick hat in a few nights time and she loves it. She wears it all day and would not take it off today when the temps finally reached 70*. Such a silly girl. But she does look adorable in it and it is a pretty awesome pattern. Two of my boys are asking for one of their own. Just not until the fall.


During the month of April, Harkin took a superhero class. It was a mix between gymnastics and ninja warrior for 4 and 5 year olds. He absolutely loved it and such a great time.We're taking a break at the moment since soccer has started, but he is planning out his schedule so he can return.

95 years

We made a quick trip to CT a few weekends ago. Less than 48 hours, but we needed to celebrate a very special lady. Eric's grandmother turned 95 years old and is still going strong. She's happy and healthy and full of spunk. It was great for her to see all of the kids and they had a fun time together hanging out and playing.

mud season walk

We took a walk up the hill after having some candy on Easter Sunday. It is the beginning of mud season.

As we were trying to cross the stream Harkin stepped in the wrong place and his shoes got stuck. He was so surprised that they came right off his feet. It was pretty funny. We got them out and washed them off,

Then they ran down the hill to get off the energy from the blue candy-(dye anyone)?

The next day's conversation in the bathroom was quite funny. Bright green poop! That explains why we don't eat junk- this mama tells him. It's just not natural. He'll remember that for a bit. Hoping longer. Oh, the joys of motherhood.

easter bunny and baby cows

The day before Easter I took the two monkeys to a local farm to meet the bunny. They were super excited to get one egg each with stickers inside. Just right for us. There was no hunting this year( as upsetting as that was, everyone still managed to get candy). We then headed out side to meet the new spring arrivals. The two of them weren't too sure what to make of the baby cow. A fun and totally satisfying hour for the youngsters.
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