We discovered this book at the library and have started to work our way through it.  

We have only done the first chapter(3 projects) but it is becoming a favorite time of mine.  We are trying at least twice a week to meet together for an "art lesson". There are plenty of times during the day that the boys are creating on their own but this time is kinda a directed time. We start out reading the directions and as we are painting have discovered that we can go our own way. I stress to the boys that there are no mistakes. Even thought the book says it one way we can use it as a guideline and do it the way we would like.

We sit together and paint and have good conversations.  We slow down and enjoy being together.  We learn from one another. It is a magical time.

The first three lessons focused on primary colors and abstract art. There is also a small blurb about a famous artist accompanying most projects. I have learned how to use YouTube on our TV to find videos about Piet Mondrian and Vasily Kandinsky.  

I love that I am learning right along with the boys and creating with them. It is a quiet, peaceful moment in our day that is all LOVE.


This past weekend we had some friends come to Vermont with us to learn how to ski. It was the first time the boys had a sleepover with any friends. It was BIG stuff. And so much fun.

Then today, due to lack of sleep possibly, they both were not feeling well so there was some camping out in front of Tom and Jerry for a bit.

update on Gritty

Thanks to all who left such wonderful words on Friday. Gritty did great during surgery. Now we just need to wait for the results of the biopsy.  For the next two weeks though we have a dog that looks like this....

homeschooling essay

 As I was sorting out my files on the computer this week I found this essay I wrote several years ago. I thought I would share it here. It was a great reminder to me what I have always wanted from our homeschooling, although I tend to get caught up now and again in what maybe we should be doing. I am planning on keeping this posted where I can see it every day!

It’s May. Once upon a time I used to count the days down until mid June. I was teaching first grade in public school.
It’s May.  I’m still teaching but to a different audience and thinking “How cool have the past few months been.” Why? I have two boys and I suppose we began our first “official” year of home schooling. They are only 4 1/2 and 2.
However, every time we would go anywhere I would get asked the same question. Where does William go to nursery school? My answer: He’s homeschooled. So hence the next question: Do you follow a curriculum? My answer: Yes, PLAY, ART, FUN.  Sure enough they give me a look of surprise. Yet, I am confident with my answer.
I taught preschool and remember the days of trying to get 10 kids to sit and listen to a story without interruptions. Or trying to get them interested in apples, pumpkins, eggs, flowers, etc. because that was the time of year it was and it was in the curriculum. It could be very frustrating for both me and the child.  The best parts of the day would be the unstructured play. Watching the eyes of a child light up because they discovered something all by themselves was so rewarding. That was why I loved teaching.
Every morning I wake up grateful for the decision my husband and I made. Being a stay at home mom has been everything I wanted and it was only natural that we homeschooled.
Each day is a new beginning and holds a new adventure. It amazes me what William and Landon have learned without a set curriculum. There are times I think maybe I should be doing more. Maybe I should set a daily schedule and follow exactly. Maybe we should be meeting regularly with other kids. Maybe I should sign us up for something every day. Maybe.
Then I stop, take a breath and just listen to William talk. He talks to adults with ease. He talks to people wherever we go. He talks to kids he just met on the playground. He talks to daddy all evening about our day. He talks to Grandma, Grammy, and Grampy on the phone. He talks and talks. What does he talk about? Things that we have done, things we have learned, things we saw in books, things we want to learn about. I sigh, and reassure myself that what we are doing is the right thing for us. 

the bump

My sweet girl has had a bump on her head for several years now. We had it checked when it first appeared and it was just a fatty mass. This past week it became hard and we had it tested again. It is a mass tumor that needs to be removed. She is heading into surgery today.  I am sad and nervous. She is my baby girl.  Hoping for only good news after the biopsy.  

But she certainly will look unlike herself after the bump is gone.

computer troubles

When I said I would be offline for a bit last week I had never intended it to be for so long.  It has been a bit of a trying week.  After our weekend I had intended to write but my computer decided to have issues. Like virus issues due to something I clicked on or did not knowingly.  Thankfully I am married to a computer geek- really.  After dealing with his work computers, my loving husband came home only to work more on my computer. I am quite lucky to have an in house computer fix it guy and appreciate it so very much.  So I am back in business and have much to catch up on.


As the days seem to be flying by this Winter, (I am still waiting for it to begin) I am mindfully trying to be offline more. 

I check emails and blog in the morning and try to have an bit of time in the late afternoon to check in on things.  In the evening I found I was spending so much time reading- which can be a good thing but I get tried of looking at a screen for too long. So I am trying my best to be online for a half an hour and then be done. Time to create, read in my bed and be present with Eric.

When we head to Vermont for the weekends we no longer have Internet access. This helps me relax more about what I "should" be checking in on. It separates me to what life was before.....

Along these terms I have not been taking too many photos of our daily lives. But we are living.  The weather has been so mild we have been outside much and enjoying each other.

Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend.  

I will be back here on Tuesday, possibly.

sweet and simple

I said we were going to keep it simple this year.  I always say that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  The boys had plans to buy all sorts of things but with my gentle persuasion we kept it simple. Instead they made coupons for Daddy.   Which were perfect.  I made them each a small notebook. And everyone made their own cards. Even Eric. Which was an awesome sight for me to see. We both sat in silence as we created side by side Monday night.  My heart was filled with so much love for this man.  He sat and colored an "original" card for each of  the boys. He has never been big on creating art, I've always known this. Something about an unimpressive art teacher when he was little. Phooey to her.  Yesterday morning the boys were very impressed to have a card made by Dad. 
Every day I love this man more and more.

forgot about this

As I was unloading pictures from my camera I forgot that we stopped at a brewery last week on our way home. Vermont has a passport that you can get stamped for every brewery that you visit. Eric and I can get into that. The boys enjoy seeing how beer is made as well as we do.  I mean they are learning something .

helping dad

Today was our first weekend at home since Christmas. We puttered around the house. Fixing and baking.

Then headed out to bowling and then out to dinner.( so loving the Living Social deals)

Imagine Nation Museum

Lately I have been getting some pretty cool deals on Living Social and Groupon websites. If you don't know about them you should check them out. They have deals to places near you plus some that are national. So last week we got a deal to a museum and were able to meet friends there today. It was great to see these friends as it had been awhile.  

So a good day of play......

Although there are some children's museums that we are beginning to outgrow as I mentioned here, we still manage to have fun. 

I am thinking hard about taking advantage about membership. It gets you into over 100 museum across the country. 5 alone in our state and quite a few in neighboring states, which are still under a 2 hour's drive.  They will be changing the way the reciprocal program works- increasing the membership fee and only getting half off instead of free admission so this may be "the year of museums".

in my life right now

I am taking a day to read, read, and get some rest.

Marveling at how many books we got from the library yesterday.

Loving how much the boys enjoy reading. 

So excited that William has reach the point where he just can't put a book down until he finishes.

Grateful the boys can take a day to just play, read and get along while Mama gets lots of rest.


Vermont. Together. Skiing. Laughing. Breathing. Eating. Swimming. Playing. Living.The past 9 days. 

Now home again to our little house. To some type of normalcy. If we really ever have one. It feels good to sleep in my own bed.  Even with my 5 year old's elbow in my head. We will get on with life- you know laundry, cleaning, projects. 

The draw of the mountain is hard to resist though. My boys feel so free there. They have learned many things on those mountains. Overcoming challenges and fears. Confidence that they can do it. Compassion for others. Patience while Mama takes her sweet time over the bumps.

I feel like we are in our own little world for the day.  It is a good world to be in:)

a little racing

There was some racing done this week.  Something the boys love to do. Trying to beat their time every time they go down.

Teddy Bears

The rain came and no skiing was done, but there was a fun factory tour to be taken.

Fun times and maybe some bears in our future.

The last time I was here was 9 years ago with my mom while I was pregnant with Will. It brought back such a wonderful memory.


William and I took a break from skiing and went on a canopy tour in the trees. We basically did 6 zip lines and walked across two suspension bridges and then rappelled down. It was pretty awesome. I haven't done stuff like this since the summer before Eric and I were married. (So long ago.)  William loved it and had absolutely no fear. It was great to spend some time with him, in the quiet of the trees.

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